How to Deal with Foamy Hot Tub Water

Why is My Water Becoming Foamy?

Body oils and cosmetic residue form a foamy solution when mixed with the alkalinity of spa water. This foam promotes the development of microorganisms in your spa water. If this is a current issue you’re facing, immediate action is important as your spa’s sanitation could be compromised.

How to Combat Foam in the Pool?

Here are guidelines for proper interaction with your hot tub, which will prevent the development of foam in the first place; however, if this issue has already appeared here’s how to resolve it.

  1. Shower Prior to Soaking in Your Hot Tub: This is a great way to remove dirt and chemicals that you carry with you into the hot tub.
  2. Avoid Bringing Drinks into the Hot Tub: Keeping drinks away from the hot tub prevents spills, which if left untreated will result in foamy spa water.
  3. Wash Your Bathing Suit: Make sure to wash your bathing suit in fresh water prior to entering the spa. This helps remove any bacteria and chemicals that you could be carrying into the spa with you.
  4. Don’t Submerse Yourself: Our hair has natural oils on it and many of us use hair products in addition to that. Avoid submersing your head underwater and keep your hair tied-up. This stops those oils from contaminating your spa water.
  5. Maintain It Regularly: Draining and cleaning your hot tub every three to four months helps control the accumulation of chemicals and bacteria in your spa. If there is already a development of foam in your spa, draining and cleaning it is your best bet at restoring your water to its original condition.
  6. Utilize an Anti-Foam Chemical: Anti-foam chemicals are used to avert the development of foam in the water or break-down foam that has already developed.

Don’t let foamy or green water diminish your home spa experience this summer. Incorporate this advice to keep your water crystal clear!


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