Is Your Hot Tub Properly Maintained?

Do you perform routine maintenance on your hot tub? Proper hot tub maintenance goes a long way in maximizing its performance and lifespan. So, for all you hot tub owners, regular maintenance is a must. Here are some of the most common issues experienced by hot tub owners, signalling the time to perform maintenance has arrived.

Water Quality

Algae, mould or bacteria build-up are all signs your water quality is poor and needs attention. Ensuring your hot tub’s required chemicals (i.e. bromine/chlorine, pH and alkalinity) are at the appropriate levels not only upholds an environment conducive to your health but also maintains the quality of your cover and filtration system.

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Heater Failure

Are you finding your hot tub is taking longer than usual to warm up? Perhaps, it’s not warming up at all. This likely means you’re dealing with heater damage. Heater failures are often caused by the heating element corroding. Low ph levels—7.0 and below—in the water supply can be the culprit behind heating element corrosion.  This is another reason why consistently checking the appropriate chemicals in your hot tub is so important.

Malfunctioning Pump

Another significant issue for all hot tub owners is a malfunctioning pump. Indications of such can be unusual sounds (humming or hammering), low water pressure, leaking or minimal-to-no circulation of water. Pump issues can be the by-product of worn-out bearings or broken seals.

Who Do I Go to for Hot Tub Maintenance?

Hot tubs can be a great addition to any home if cared for properly. If you’re looking to have your hot tub serviced, make sure that you utilize a reliable company. At Canadian Home Leisure, our service team is equipped with the expertise and equipment to efficiently and effectively carry out routine maintenance or address any problems you may be facing with your hot tub.

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