Can You Still Use Your Hot Tub in a Rain Storm?

Let’s face it: You plan to get wet in a hot tub, so why fret over a few rain drops?

Unless you hear thunder or see lightning, kicking back to the sound of raindrops pattering on the patio can be peaceful.

But the moment the sky turns a threatening colour, run for the indoors.

It’s not safe to remain in a body of water, especially one with electric components, in severe weather conditions.

How to prepare for a pleasant soak in the rain

Tumble Dry the Towels

Toss the towels and robes into the dryer to warm them up before using the tub. Although your internal temperature will stay high underwater, the moment you step into the brisk rain, your temperature will begin falling.

Counter the cold with a warm towel. Without one you might catch a chill.

Wear Sandals to and from the Spa

If a deck surrounds your hot tub, consider wearing rubber sandals out of the water. The rain can make decks slippery and falling can lead to serious injury. Escort children and the elderly from the home to the tub for further safety.

Put up an Umbrella

Some bathers like to wear hats in the rain or open umbrellas around the spa. Unless propped on a stand, holding an umbrella can counter the relaxed state hot tubs induce.

Instead, if you plan on sitting in the rain often, invest in a gazebo or some form of enclosure. You can buy gazebos with open and closed rooftops.

Drink a Warm Beverage

In the evening or during cold seasons, the rain might feel uncomfortable after a few minutes of being outside.

If you prepare some warm drinks like hot chocolate or tea ahead of time, you can counter the cold and warm the parts of your body exposed to the air.

Keep in mind your hot tub should be around 104 degrees. This raises your internal body temperature so you have some time to dry off and prepare your beverage.


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