Hot Tub Enclosures For Added Privacy

Whether you’ve had your spa for years or are considering a new installation, you’ll enjoy the added privacy from a number of different hot tub enclosures.

The options for privacy range in style, benefits as well as cost.

Consider the following options when coming to a decision about which type of enclosure suits your spa best.

  • Privacy screens
  • Gazebos
  • Pergolas
  • Full enclosures

Privacy screens

If you’re looking for something that will give you privacy at the lowest price possible, a privacy screen may be the way to go. You can remove and reposition a privacy screen as you see fit or leave it out of sight if you so choose.


There is a wide range of options to choose from when choosing your style of Gazebo. Essentially, a gazebo is a roof with four posts that hold it up over the hot tub. You can get as fancy as you want by adding walls made up of screens, mesh, wood or whatever you see as the best option for creating enough privacy.

There are DIY gazebos or you can have them professionally installed.


A pergola is similar to a gazebo except it doesn’t have the same type of roof. A pergola will typically have an open-style concept with wooden beams or a mesh-like pattern that provides more ventilation, but less privacy.

You can decorate pergolas by planting vines to grow through the structure or hanging flowers and plants from the beams. There is also the option of using screens and fabric to enclose the sides for additional privacy.

Hot tub full enclosure

When you live in a seasonal climate then you may like the idea of having your spa in a full enclosure during the winter months. A full enclosure is ideal for providing the ultimate level of privacy.

You will need some form of drainage for water spills and overflows as well as good ventilation for the humidity and moisture to escape. Lack of ventilation will eventually lead to mould and bacteria build-up and with it an unpleasant odour.

Things to consider before purchasing a spa enclosure

Come to a decision on the best option for your hot tub enclosure by considering a few important details.

One is obviously the look of your spa enclosure. You want to be able to enjoy both looking out of the window from your home as well as at your surroundings while in the hot tub.

Choose a style that compliments your taste as well as the current décor on your property. Consider the colours and materials that will be a permanent addition to the view from all angles of your backyard.

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If you opt for the more complete types of enclosures (with roofs), you have the added benefit of prolonging the life of your hot tub. The added protection from the elements keeps hot tubs out of direct light and falling debris.

The time you spend in a beachcomber hot tub should be one of pure relaxation and enjoyment. The thought of nosey neighbours peering into your backyard can take away from that experience. Adding a hot tub enclosure will add more privacy and enjoyment to every spa experience.

See our Ultimate Hot Tub Buyer Guide for more tips on owning a hot tub or read up on a few other ways to make your outdoor spa more private.


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