Hut Tub Running Costs

What Much Will I Pay on Hot Tub Running Costs?

The price of electricity varies, making it difficult to calculate how much hot tubs cost extra in utilities. Some hot tubs require more energy, just as some regions charge differently for electricity. Ultimately, the amount you can expect to spend on hot tub running costs depends on your spa’s water volume, temperature and mechanical makeup.

  • Volume—how much water your hot tub holds affects the amount of energy needed to heat it. The greater the volume, the higher the costs.
  • Temperature—both the inside and outside temperature of your spa affect its energy consumption. High temperatures need more energy to maintain. Similarly, cold weather means your tub must work harder to regulate its temperature. Indoor spas face challenges when it comes to humidity, too. That said, a good cover can reduce your electrical overhead.
  • Mechanics—some models are more energy efficient than others. Insulation plays a large role in the conservation of heat.

Electrical Outlet Installation

Most hot tub buyers worry about energy consumption and not how they will juice their spa. Some homes do not offer adequate voltages to power a hot tub and thus require new outlets. This can be a steep upfront investment, so when calculating your running costs, consider how much electricity your spa needs and confirm your existing outlets can support it.

Maintenance Fees

Besides energy, hot tubs do require some manual upkeep. You will need to replenish and replace the chemicals, filters and pumps, which adds to your bottom line. Factor such supplies into your monthly budget.

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