How Much Will I Pay On Hot Tub Running Costs?

Assess your hot tub running costs by calculating the expected increase in energy used each month and the products used to balance and clean the water. Regular hot tub maintenance requires a regimented treatment using cleansers and chemicals to keep your water crystal clear, sanitized and ensure longer life of your spa.

Is your hot tub energy efficient?

Energy guide for one of the most energy efficient Beachcomber hot tubs

Every model has its own rate of energy consumption. You can get an approximate cost to what you will pay on your hydro bill by using the Beachcomber energy calculator.

You will need the rate you pay per kilowatt per hour. You should be able to find this on your hydro bill.

To find the additional cost in energy:

  • Go to the Beachcomber Energy Calculator.
  • Select the hot tub model you own.
  • Enter the rate per KW/H.
  • The approximate cost it will take to run your hot tub every month is displayed.

Beachcomber boasts some of the lowest rates of energy consumption in the industry for every model that’s produced. Purchasing an energy-efficient hot tub is extremely important because of the long-term savings potential.

Maintain water balance

In order to ensure your hot tub is clean and safe from harmful bacteria, it’s necessary to maintain the balance of your water. Here is a list of areas to balance the water for a more enjoyable experience and will promote a longer life of your spa.

Sanitizer and oxidizer

The amount of chlorine and bromine can be measured to eliminate bacteria and algae. Low levels of either may allow bacteria to flourish. High levels may cause coughing, difficulty to breathe and headaches.


It’s necessary to maintain alkalinity in order to stabilize the pH. You will need a product to increase and decrease the alkalinity of the water in your spa.

pH levels

The pH levels of your hot tub will indicate the acidity of the water. The ideal level of pH need to be maintained is between 7.2-7.8 (mid range on the scale that ranges from 0-14).

Calcium hardness

Maintaining the mineral calcium in your water protects the equipment in the hot tub. Proper levels of calcium hardness ensure the longevity of your spa. Low levels will cause the water to become corrosive and eat at your hot tub.

Total dissolved solids

It’s important to be aware of the total dissolved solids that are in the water as it can indicate whether the water needs to be drained and refilled. This measure refers to any debris that has fallen in your spa or is brought in on by people and dissolved in the water. Examples include lotions, hair products, leaves, dirt, and any organic matter. Keep total dissolved solids in your tub under 1500 PPM.

Filtration system

Every hot tub uses a filtration system to keep your hot tub free and clean of unwanted debris. The life of a filter depends on the type of filter you’re using as well as how well often you clean them. Filters can last up to 5 years with a proper cleaning regiment.

Beachcomber total care solutions

The type of maintenance package you need for your hot tub will heavily depend on how frequently you use your spa. Keep in mind that you will need products to control the balance of the water as a regular part of hot tub usage.

Beachcomber hot tubs are industry leaders in spa technology. When it comes to energy consumption and long-lasting durable products, like the FlexJet system there are few that compare to the standard of quality.


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