Hot Tub Etiquette: How Not to Be That Bather

One guy with three girls demonstrating perfect hot tub etiquette

Hot tubbing with friends can make for an enjoyable time. Unfortunately, it can also lead to awkward situations if you forget to specify the rules. Spa etiquette depends on the owner’s preferences, so inform invited bathers of your own. For reference, here are some common dos and don’ts in the tub.

Give a heads up if you plan on hot tubbing in the nude

Give your guests notice if you plan on bathing without a suit. Doing so allows those uncomfortable with nudity to decline the invitation. Likewise, if you prefer all guests to cover themselves, say so ahead of time. Otherwise, a friend or two might arrive unprepared.

Have spare towels

Unless you have towels to spare, ask guests to bring their own. You never know if your detergent will irritate a friend’s skin anyway. Worse, supplying towels could leave you with hours of laundry!

Enforce a standard of cleanliness

A hot tub, although warm and bubbly, is not a bath. So don’t treat it as one. Ask everyone to rinse their bathing suits and any excessive perfume or deodorant. As well, if someone has an open cut, ask him or her to sit on the ledge. Open sores can get infected and spread bacteria in the water.

Set your food and drinking rules

Warm water accentuates the effects of alcohol—so serve responsibly and be aware of any adverse reactions to alcohol consumption in the spa.

Conversely, food is easily dropped and such a mess can be a pain to clean. Refrain from eating in the hot tub to avoid dirtying the water.

Share the jets

Jets feel good, but they also circulate the water. If you choose to sit near one, don’t block the stream. In the least, share your spot if it’s more jet accessible than other seats. Read more on the Beachcomber Flexjet system.

Be courteous about smoking

Unless everyone in the tub smokes, make it a rule not to light up. Second-hand smoke is dangerous and discourteous. Not to mention, ash contaminates the water while discarded butts litter the ground.

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