Beachcomber’s FlexJet System FAQs

What is a Beachcomber FlexJet? 

Your Beachcomber hot tub has multiple water sockets that are fitted with a FlexJet fixture to massage and pamper your muscles.

The jet combines both air and water using anywhere from 1-7 jets within the fixture. You can adjust the type of massage you receive in your hot tub with each style of FlexJet.

Different types of FlexJet water jets

How do I change my Beachcomber FlexJet?

You can only replace and interchange FlexJets of equal size in your Beachcomber spa. This unique feature of Beachcomber hot tubs allows for the most customization in the type of massage you enjoy the most. The process is simple and does not require any tools.

First step

Turn the outer dial fully counterclockwise to the open position, and then continue turning another half turn to unseat the fixture from the internal body.

Begin the process by turning the outer dial to an open position (the open position is found by turning the dial as far as it can go in a counter-clockwise position).

Once you feel the dial stop you will need to give the dial another half-turn to get it to unlock from its fixed position.

Second step

Once you’ve unseated the FlexJet, it will easily come out with a few more twists.

Third step

Insert the new FlexJet and turn the dial to the right to lock it into place.

Different sizes of FlexJet systems

How do I control the pressure and volume of my FlexJet?

You have complete control over the pressure of each jet by controlling the volume of water it emits. By using the outer dials you can control the full range of the jet to operate on full blast or turn it completely off. You can test for weak jets if the following doesn’t work.

Clockwise movement decreases

Reduce the strength of the jet by limiting the volume, speed and pressure of the water. With the outer dial turned all the way to the right, you can turn the jet off completely.

Counter-clockwise movement increases

Turning the dial completely to the left will open the jet to full strength.

How many jets should I have in a hot tub?

Every company differs in opinion. The jets in every Beachcomber hot tubs are made to target the major muscle groups in the body. Each FlexJet can have up to a maximum of seven jets within the fixture.

More jets typically results in a more expensive hot tub.

What is different about Beachcomber’s FlexJet Massage System?

The FlexJet system is designed to perform while maintaining structural integrity.

Drilling more holes for jets in the shell of a hot tub makes it more flimsy and more liable to crack or spring a leak.

Beachcomber hot tubs come with a Lifetime Guarantee in the engineering that boasts the laminated fibreglass composition will never leak.

Do I need to service or clean my FlexJets? 

The FlexJets on a Beachcomber hot tub do not require much maintenance. If there is a lot of debris that makes its way into your tub, you may need to rinse your jets out to unclog them on occasion.

Other than that, FlexJet’s are low maintenance and will perform for the life of the hot tub.


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