How To Balance Hot Tub Water In A Beachcomber Spa

In order to enjoy your hot tub to the fullest, you’ll need to become a pro on how to balance hot tub water. In order to avoid green water or cloudy water, you need to maintain appropriate chemical levels.

The following is an infographic that gives you a quick glance summary of the various areas of water treatment that is optimal for all spas and hot tubs.

An infographic showing how to balance hot tub water in a Beachcomber spa

Sanitizer and Oxidizer

If you own an Ozonator or UV filtration system, you can skip this step because you don’t use either of these chemicals.

If you don’t have one of these devices you will be testing for Chlorine and Bromine. These two chemicals reduce and eliminate algae and any harmful bacteria.

Keep these chemicals at 3-5 parts per million.

Test for the hardness in the water

The amount of calcium in the water is important because, without it, the water will eat away at your hot tub. Keep the calcium hardness between 150-200ppm to get the longest life from your beachcomber.

Water Alkalinity

The alkalinity in the water needs to be between 80-120ppm in order to stabilize the pH. Get your total alkalinity balanced first, then you can treat your water for pH.

Safe level of pH

If your pH is too low, it becomes corrosive and can damage your hot tub, dissolve your sanitizer at a faster rate and damage swimwear and accessories.

If your pH is too high, it can cause a calcium buildup, scaly flakes and cloudy water. In the event of your pH being too high or too low, it can cause dry itchy skin and burning sensations in the eyes and nose.

Keep you hot tub water between 7.2-7.7 pH.

Total dissolved solids

With the constant addition of chemicals, debris and organic matter from people using the hot tub, the water becomes stale and unable to absorb anything. This is an indication that you need to change your water.

Routine maintenance procedures such as showering before entering will help reduce the number of solids that are tracked into your hot tub. Changing the water in your tub every three or four months is also recommended for optimal water conditions.

Keep the total dissolved solid under 1500 ppm.

Make your water crystal clear and safe for everyone

Test your water every two or three days with litmus testing paper apart of your regular maintenance routine. You can use a free app to simplify spa maintenance. Simply take a picture of your litmus strip to make adding the correct amounts of chemicals more accurate with less effort.

These standard tests and treatments will contribute to sparkling clean water, free from bacteria and prolong the life of your beachcomber hot tub.


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