Finding the Right Shuffleboard Size for Your Home

Professional shuffleboards stretch 22 feet in length and 20 inches in width. Let’s face it: most homes don’t have this type of room available.

Thankfully, billiards shops sell shuffleboards in many sizes. Models today come as short as 9 feet and as narrow as 16 inches. As you might expect, larger table sizes are more expensive. That said, the composition of the board weighs heavily on the cost, too.

The playing experience on tables 16 feet and larger remains the same. Those wider than 18 inches also provide ample room for the playing. Anything smaller does negatively affect gameplay.

If on the market for a miniature shuffleboard, consider scaling back the puck size. The average puck is between 2 1/4 and 2 5/16 inches in diameter, which is too big for tables less than 18 inches wide.

The span of the shuffleboard is not the only factor when measuring for space. A player needs at least 2 feet clearance behind each end to shoot. Anything less and the posture may suffer.

Installing a Shuffleboard in the Home

Most shuffleboards sit along straight walls. Although they do not occupy the middle of a room like billiards tables, finding a flush fit can be tough.

Full-size shuffleboards can be difficult to move, too. The planks of wood are massive and unbendable, making them a nightmare on staircases and around corners. Furthermore, each piece weighs a considerable amount. It’s best to have professionals transport and setup the table.

Many smaller shuffleboard tables come as one piece. Only those above 12 feet come apart for better maneuverability. Some units also include scoreboard cabinets that are bulky and space-consuming. For cramped homes, electronic tables can reduce the width of a table.


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