Table Shuffleboard Rules & Scoring For 5 Popular Games

corner of the Cimarron shuffleboard table for shuffleboard rules

If you’re looking to learn how to play shuffleboard, you’ve come to the right place. Did you know there are more than 5 sets of table shuffleboard rules? Each game is played and scored differently and has its own charm and allure-which you’ll hopefully experience shortly.

Don’t count out any one of these games just because you think they aren’t popular. As the saying goes, “Different strokes for different folks!” A game that might bore one person to tears might be the game that leaves you on the edge of your seat, screaming for more!

The beauty of our table shuffleboard rules is that every game can be played on the beautifully finished shuffleboard tables from our Legacy Line and Heritage collection. If you already have the table, then pick one of the games below and get ready to have the time of your life!

  1. How To Play Knock-Off Shuffleboard
  2. Horse Collar Shuffleboard Rules
  3. Tap & Draw Shuffleboard Rules
  4. Crazy Eights Shuffleboard Rules
  5. Target Table Shuffleboard Rules
additional shuffleboard accessories with the Legacy Heritage collections

How to play Knock Off Shuffleboard

You can play this game either one on one or with teams of two. Here’s the basic setup and a quick run-through of how the game works:

  • You and your opponent will take turns from the same side of the table.
  • Each round you can switch ends (but always shoot from the same end as your opponent-never opposite ends).
  • Toss a coin to see who goes first. If you don’t have a coin, each player can slide a puck and see who gets the deepest on the table. The person who wins chooses who goes first.
  • The person who goes second is considered to be playing the Hammer because they get to close the deal on the round and can knock other pucks off the table.
  • The person who lost the previous round plays Hammer for the current round.
  • Each player will use all four pucks, one at a time in one turn. (SLIDE your pucks! Don’t THROW or ROLL them!)
  • The object of each round is to place your puck the deepest on the table without falling over the edge.
knock off shuffleboard scoring chart

How to score playing Knock-Off Shuffleboard 

In each round, there is only one player (or team) that scores. To score, your puck must be the closest to the edge of the table. In other words, the player with the puck closest to the edge counts points and whoever loses that frame gets no points.

If you win the frame you only count the points where your pucks are deeper than your opponent’s pucks.

  • Pucks are considered “in-play” as long as they are over the foul line
  • Pucks must be COMPLETELY across a line to be counted for the full points (if a buck isn’t all the way over the 2-point line it’s worth 1 point)
  • You can judge whether the puck made it over the line by viewing directly on top of the puck
  • If your puck is partially over the edge in the 3-point area it is considered a HANGER and worth 4-POINTS.
  • Knock off shuffleboard is commonly played as the first team to either 15 or 21 points wins.

Horse Collar Table Shuffleboard Rules

If you prefer to see the points roll in faster, then Horse Collar might be the game for you. In this version of shuffleboard, you play to 51 POINTS and get to count everything that lands past the foul line. Here’s a quick run-through of how this game works:

  • Toss a coin or see who can get a puck deepest on the table to see who goes first.
  • When the game starts, both players stand at opposite ends.
  • Each player will use all 4 pucks, one at a time to complete their turn.
  • Every puck past the foul line counts BUT to count points one of your pucks must be in the 3-point section.
how to play horse collar shuffleboard with scoring chart
Total points scored on the board equal 49 (blue and red)

How to score at Horse Collar shuffleboard

  • When the round is over, each player counts his or her points for every puck “in-play” ONLY if at least one of their pucks has passed the 3-point line.
  • The big point opportunities come in when a player can score a “Hanger” which is worth 13 POINTS.
  • If a player can score a “Hanger” on the CORNER of the table, it’s worth 26 POINTS.
  • To win the game, you must be the player PLAYING THE HAMMER with 51 points or more. In other words, if you score 51 points but you went first that round, you have to play another round to win as the player with the Hammer.

Tap & Draw Shuffleboard Rules

Every once and a while it’s good to mix things up. This version of shuffleboard reverses the whole premise of Knock Off. In this version of how to play shuffleboard, you must try to AVOID knocking pucks off of the table. This makes going FIRST hold the biggest advantage and makes playing the Hammer the more difficult position.

  • Players will throw pucks from the side of the table.
  • If a player knocks off an opponent’s puck, the opponent’s puck is replaced and the player’s puck is removed from the table.
  • You can attempt to knock YOUR pucks further up the table.
  • If you hit your opponent’s puck, your puck is removed and the opponent’s puck is replaced to its original position UNLESS…
  • If you hit your opponent’s puck and push it into a higher scoring position then it remains and the shot stands.
  • If you hit your opponent’s puck off the table but you advance other pucks, every puck is returned to the previous position and your puck is removed from the table.

How to score at Tap & Draw

The beauty of this game is you can use the same scoring system as Knock Off or the high-scoring system of Horse Collar.

Knock off is the first to 15 or 21 and the player who gets the deepest puck is the only one who scores in the round.

hypothetical scoring situation for tap and draw shuffleboard
In this image only BLUE scores with 3 points


You can play Horse Collar scoring where both teams can score as long as there is one puck within the 3-point section. Then all of your pucks in play count. Horse Collar games go to 51.

Scoring chart and table shuffleboard rules for tap and draw using horse collar scoring

Crazy Eights Shuffleboard Rules

Here is a game that is, for lack of a better word, crazy. While you can score any way you choose (first to 15 or 21) you MUST follow a strict series of steps to get into scoring position. Here’s how to play shuffleboard using Crazy Eights Rules:

  • Players will throw from opposite ends of the table.
  • Each player will attempt to throw 8 pucks for each turn.
  • The first step is to group 4 pucks of the same colour together and throw them all with one hand. These pucks will become your targets.
  • IF any of the pucks DO NOT PASS the foul line OR fall off the edge, your turn is over and no points are scored. (All four must be “in-play”)
  • If all 4 pucks are in play, you must use the remaining 4 pucks (of the opposite colour) to knock the first four pucks off of the table.
  • If you can knock ALL of the first 4 pucks off the table you can count your points by tallying up the remaining pucks.
  • If you don’t have any pucks remaining on the table, you don’t score any points.
  • Note: When you don’t score points in any given round it’s what’s known as a “hickey” in tournament play. You get a hickey for every round you bust with no points.

How to score playing Crazy Eights Shuffleboard

The scoring system mirrors that in Knock Off shuffleboard. You decide beforehand whether you will play to 15 or 21 points. When you have met the criteria for scoring you can count all pucks in play. Here’s a recap:

  • Each puck past the foul line will count for either 1, 2 or 3 points.
  • Hangers are worth 4 points.
  •  Pucks must completely cross lines to be counted in the higher scoring area. 
Scoring chart for how to play crazy eights shuffleboard
Crazy Eights uses the same scoring system as Knock-Off Shuffleboard

How to play Target Shuffleboard

Target shuffleboard is identical to Knock-Off with the exception of two very important rules. The first is that players take turns shuffling pucks one at a time. The second is as the name of the game suggests, you’re aiming for the targets (rings) on the table as opposed to just shooting for depth in the point end zones. Here’s how to play Target shuffleboard:

  • Both players shuffle from the same side of the board.
  • Each player shoots one at a time, alternating one puck at a time (rather than using all four pucks in one turn).
  • Pucks in play are considered those that pass the foul line.
  • Players are aiming for the centre of the target or trying to knock their opponent’s puck further away or off the table.
  • Whoever gets the closest to the centre of the target wins the round and counts points.
  • Players switch ends and whoever won the previous round shoots first.
shuffleboard with target

How to score in target shuffleboard

  • Only ONE player scores in each round.
  • The player closest to the centre of the target wins and counts points for all pucks that are closer than the opponents.
  • To count in the higher scoring ring, the puck must completely cross the line.
  • If the puck touches the centre target it’s worth 4 points
  • If the puck completely covers the centre target, it’s worth 5-points.
  • You can play until a player reaches 15 or 21 points for the win.

Choose your game and have a blast

One of the greatest perks to being a retailer for home leisure goods is that we get to stress the importance of having a good time. At the end of the day, what are you really working for anyway?! 

The shuffleboards from Legacy Billiards and Heritage are magnificently crafted and are lifetime collection pieces. If you have any questions about finding the right piece for your home, feel free to contact us at your leisure. We welcome the opportunity to help you find high-quality game room furniture that will undoubtedly create a lifetime’s worth of memories.



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