What Is The Recommended Hot Tub Water Temperature?

Most companies will recommend that your hot tub temperature be kept between 38-40°C (100-104°F). 40°C (104°F) is considered the limit for how hot your water should get before you run the risk of dizziness, feeling faint, nausea and increased heart rate.

Whenever it comes to experiencing pleasure, everyone will have their own opinion on what feels best. Hot tub temperature is one of those things where you need to find the comfort zone for what works best for you and your guests.

How to monitor and regulate the temperature in your hot tub

Maintaining the temperature of your hot tub is as simple as setting the digital controls to the desired temperature. If your hot tub has wireless capabilities you can control the temperature using one of the hot tub apps available for your specific brand and model.

Digital control to set the recommended hot tub temperature in a Beachcomber hot tub
Beachcomber hot tub digital controls

What temperature should a hot tub be set at in the winter?

The temperature of your hot tub shouldn’t change during the winter months. The recommended range is the same year-round being somewhere between 38-40°Celsius (100-104°F). Never exceed 40°C (104°F) due to safety concerns.

The only thing that changes during the colder climates is the potential heat loss from your hot tub if it’s located outdoors. The colder climate may cost you a little more to maintain a consistent temperature.

Although you may think the colder season may affect your spa experience, the temperature you enjoy won’t change once you’re having a soak.

What is a good temperature for a hot tub in the summer?

It’s entirely up to what you want to experience. Most enjoy hot tubs because they enjoy the hot temperature and the relaxation it offers between the range of 38-40°C. You always have the option to drop the temperature and enjoy sitting in the tub at a lower temperature and still get the benefits of a jet massage.

Frequently asked questions

What temperature is unsafe for a hot tub?

Never let the water temperature of your hot tub exceed 40°C (104°F). Temperatures in excess of 40°C can lead to increased heart rate, dizziness, nausea and fainting from increased body temperature. Most spas are maintained to stay around 38°C.

How long can you stay in a hot tub at 100 degrees?

The recommended time for a soak in your hot tub for a healthy adult can be anywhere from 10-30 min. Guests with any health conditions should limit the time in the spa to 10-15 min. It’s recommended limit your time in a hot tub to 30 min per soak.

How long does it take for a hot tub to heat up 10 degrees?

The time it takes to heat your hot tub depends on the size you own. Typically it can take up to four hours to heat up a medium-sized hot tub. If your jets and heater aren’t working efficiently it will add to the time it takes to heat.

Does hot tub heat up faster with jets on?

Absolutely. The use of jets will increase the circulation of heat in your hot tub and thereby get rid of the cold pockets that sit within the tub. You should also cover the hot tub and leave the jets on to get the quickest results.


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