Green or Cloudy Hot Tub Water

What to Do about Green or Cloudy Hot Tub Water?

Green, murky water is one of the commonest troubles hot tub owners face. Thankfully, it is also the easiest to treat.

Dipping a test strip into the water can quickly reveal the culprit of dirty water. Most likely, your chemical balances are off and the water needs shocking. New hot tub owners will almost always experience green water from chemical imbalances. Getting the right mixture is difficult, especially if your use is sporadic.  But a little extra chlorine or bromine will do the trick every time.

If the water proves too acidic, then the greenish tint may indicate oxidized metals in the tub. In such cases, shocking the water will only worsen the problem. To eliminate metals, you will need to replace the source of corrosion. In older tubs, copper elements like heaters are at the greatest risk.

Keep Your Filters Clean

Green water can also come from pollen. It is harmless but may suggest an under-performing filter. Worn-out filters also contribute to general cloudiness in the water. They cannot remove contaminants like hair and skin products, detergents and other outside elements that bathers bring into the tub.

Bad filters risk more than just gnarly water. A clogged filter strains the pump and can cause unnecessary costly damage. This is why regular maintenance is important along with house rules like showering before using the spa.

You can keep pollen, leaves and other debris out of your tub with a good cover. Investing in a cover can help significantly with keeping your water sanitary and balanced. If your tub does not come with one at purchase, make sure to budget it.

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