How to Childproof Your Backyard Hot Tub

Children ages five and under should never enter a hot tub above 95-degrees Fahrenheit. Even kids up to age ten should spend only a few minutes in high heats because their bodies cannot regulate temperature as effectively as adults.

Three Methods of Barricading Your Hot Tub

Regardless of age or temperature, all children need supervision around the hot tub. Therefore, you must secure the hot tub area to prevent your kids from accessing it when you’re not around.

Below, find three easy and effective ways of locking down your spa.

  • Latch the Backdoor: Install a door latch out of your children’s reach to stop them from heading into the backyard unattended.
  • Invest in a Cover: Purchase a hot tub cover that conserves energy and improves spa hygiene. More importantly, the locking straps that seal the hot tub act as barriers for children. Many even come with rings for padlocks.
  • Fence the Hot Tub Area: Building a fence or enclosure around the hot tub can keep children at a safe distance even when in use. Fences work best when the hot tub is already a part of the deck or nestled into its own private corner on the property. Alternatively, you can purchase staircases with railings and gates to stop your children from climbing into the tub.

Why Teach Spa Safety to Your Children

Even if the other safety precautions keep your children from falling into the tub, there are still dangers when you accompany your children in the water. Drowning can happen underwater if hair gets tangled inside the drains or jets. Prohibiting underwater play can avoid accidents even as the kids mature. As well, leaving inflatables handy for emergencies and knowing how to kill power to the tub can increase its safety.


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