Are You Properly Caring for Your Hot Tub?

With the colours returning to nature’s landscape and cool temperatures outside, spring is a particularly great season to enjoy a nice soak in your hot tub and appreciate the splendor of the season. The following are three key aspects of hot tub care, to ensure you’re maintaining the optimal spa environment. 

Make Sure to Circulate Your Hot Tub Water

Water circulation is an essential process for healthy spa water as stagnant water is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Water circulation helps to disrupt the flourishing of bacteria in your hot tub and disperses cleaning agents (like chlorine) throughout your water, to help kill off harmful bacteria. Water circulation also helps keep the temperature of your hot tub up, which is helpful to prevent water from freezing over in the winter months.

Many hot tubs come with a built-in schedule for the frequency of water circulation that either circulates the water 24 hours a day or at regular intervals throughout the day.  

Be Consistent with Your Hot Tub Cleaning

Your hot tub should be cleaned approximately every three to four months. More frequent cleanings could be required, depending on how often the spa is used and if all bathers practice proper bathing rules.

It’s also important to keep your hot tub seats clear of debris and scum build-up. This is mostly an issue with outdoor hot tubs, opposed to indoor ones; however, even indoor hot tubs are susceptible to scum on seats from soaps and lotion residue on peoples skin.

Look at Water Chemistry

Proper water chemistry is just as important for your hot tub as it is for the people in it. Water chemistry involves pH, alkalinity and a sanitizer (e.g. chlorine, bromine, salt systems, mineral sanitizers, etc.). Proper water chemistry stops harmful bacteria from accumulating in your spa water and keeps the acidity levels low, which can damage various hot tub components.


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