Improve Hot Tub Hygiene

How to Improve Group Hot Tub Hygiene

Some people shy away from public hot tubs for hygienic reasons. If improperly cared for, hot tubs can become cesspools and breeding grounds for bacteria. So when hosting spa events, you’ll need to assuage these concerns to get your friends in the water. Here are a few ways to keep the hot tub hygienic for all.

Always Ask Guests to Shower Beforehand

Enforcing a “shower first” rule will minimize dirt, oil, lotion and other cosmetics in the water. Preferably, guests will also rinse their bathing suits to wash off any detergents or residual chemicals from another public pool or hot tub. Even if you permit nudity, make sure that your guests bring towels to sit on out of courtesy.

Keep the Spa Cover Closed

Whenever the hot tub is not in use, keep the cover closed. Doing so conserves energy and prevents debris and bugs from floating in. For hot tubs nestled under a green canopy, you will need to regularly skim the water with a net to keep the water clear.

Maintain a No Pet Policy

Like infants, pets should not join you in the hot tub. Dander from your pets can muddy the water and clog the drains. Not to mention, if your animal plays outdoors, then he or she will transport dirt into the tub.

Add Chemicals Frequently

Regular hot tub maintenance is a must. This includes:

  • Cleaning or replacing the filters;
  • Checking the PH balance of the water;
  • Reducing the hardness of the water;
  • Shocking the water with sanitizer to kill bacteria.

Most hot tubs require weekly maintenance, though there are tasks that need performing monthly or quarterly. For example, draining and refilling the hot tub can be a seasonal chore.