How to Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

Spa experts recommend cleaning your hot tub filters at least every month. Even on such a schedule, you will need to replace them annually. Overusing a filter can lead to poor circulation, a build-up of particles, and possibly green spa waterKeeping up with regular spa maintenance the inherent duty of a hot tub owner.

For basic cleaning, you need to power down the spa and remove all filters. Next, spray each filter with a garden hose, removing all noticeable debris. Even once seemingly clean, you should thumb the nozzle of the hose to power-wash the pores. Do so evenly to prevent debris from making it back into the spa undetected. 

Filter Cartridges for a More Efficient Clean

Unclogging a filter with just a garden hose sometimes takes a bit of work. If you’d rather automate the process of spinning and spraying, you can buy a special cartridge.

This cartridge bridges the hose and the filter, rotating the filter as the water pours through. Using such a device concentrates the water flow and helps blast through thicker deposits. You don’t need to touch the filter either, keeping your hands clean from whatever grime leaks off.

Deep Cleaning to Extend the Life of Your Filters

Every few cleans, you should use an overnight solution to re-open filter pores and eat away residual deposits. The muriatic acid these solutions contain takes a little while to reach full effect, so you may require a secondary filter if you need to use the tub sooner.


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