Have You Considered an Automatic Chemical Feeder?

Pools and hot tubs require weekly maintenance to keep their chemical levels properly balanced. Although water treatment is neither arduous nor time-consuming, it is something some spa owners forget to do. Thankfully, there are products out there to automate the whole process.

Automatic feeders release chemical doses into the water when they detect imbalances. This makes them much more efficient and reactive to changes in environment. No longer do you need to use test strips or schedule reminders; the feeders check and correct for you.

Different Types of Automatic Chemical Feeders

The best type of chemical feeder uses technology to measure the chemical levels and dispense appropriately. These systems require a full installation into your spa and sometimes cost a lot up front. Alternatively, there are floating chemical dispensers that work on timers. They are less intelligent but effective nonetheless.

One example of an automated feeder system that synchronizes with your smartphone is the pHin monitor. This device monitors pH, chlorine, alkalinity, hardness and cyanuric acid levels, then sends push notifications to your phone whenever it needs attention. You can see the status of your spa right from the app, too. To refill, simply add pods to the device and let it resume its work.

There are various other devices just like the pHin monitor available. Next time you pop into your nearest pool or spa store, ask a representative for a recommendation.


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