How Can You Make Your Outdoor Spa More Private?

Do you fear your neighbours peering at you when bathing in the spa? Thankfully, there are accessories for your backyard to maximize your hot tub’s privacy.

That said, the best privacy is often closest to the home. The further back, the wider view accessible to your neighbours. That is unless you build an enclosure using any of the below products or structures.


A gazebo gives your spa protection from the sun, rain and snow. It can be as open or closed as you would like, too. With blinds or lattices, you can block all views into your spa area.

Privacy Screens

Like bedroom dividers, privacy screens are portable fences that you can setup around your tub. They stand tall enough to provide total privacy; however, you must take them down during off seasons and storms. Because they are so lightweight, they can break or blow away.


Building a fence is the most expensive option for privacy. That said, it also benefits your property in other ways. It can keep animals out (or your own pets in) and divide land from your neighbours. Unfortunately, a fence only offers privacy at ground-level. Neighbours on the second floor can still see into your spa.

A similar solution is to put up hedges, trees or tall shrubs. The same benefits apply, only you have more maintenance. Any greenery requires watering and trimming.


A deck is another expensive solution, but one that adds square footage to your property. A second level is a great investment, plus it elevates your spa out of view. The only problem: some spas are too large for decks. Not to mention, you have to have a professional install the tub on an upper level, which can cost quite a bit.


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