Can My Dog Go in the Hot Tub?

For all the dog lovers out there, taking a soak in your home spa with your pet may sound like a great time; however, before you bring your dog into the hot tub, consider the following points.

Hot Tub Cleanliness

A very important aspect of hot tubs is keeping the water as clean as possible to make it a safe environment for all users.  Throughout the day, dogs will trap dust, debris and potentially even small insects in their fur. Should you allow your dog into the hot tub, you’re risking having your pool water contaminated.

Any dirt, grime and even fur released in your spa water, from your dog, can put additional strain on your spa filter. Although taking your dog into the hot tub isn’t recommended, your pooch should be thoroughly washed before being allowed to access the water to prevent these concerns.

Health Concerns for Your Dog

Not only is taking your dog in the hot tub a bad idea from a cleanliness standpoint, it can also negatively affect your dog. First off, dogs don’t sweat like us and can only release excess body heat through panting. If your dog goes in the hot tub, there is a good chance he or she could overheat. Also, the chlorine that’s added to keep your spa water clean can damage your dog’s hair and skin.

Make Your Hot Tub a Human Only Zone

To ensure the best health for you and your dog, it’s best that you restrict your hot tub guests to humans. This prevents any hot tub users from getting sick or even skin irritations due bacteria brought in by your dog. In addition to human bathers, your dog will also be better off as the hot temperatures and chlorinated water will do more harm than good.  


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