Let Us Help You to Have an Awesome Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, have you done all the necessary preparations for a fun, relaxing time with friends and family? Here are some tips to preparing for Thanksgiving.

Always Be Open to Help

The more hands helping, the faster preparations can be completed. Call upon family and friends who will be attending your Thanksgiving gathering and delegate various tasks to different people. Not only does this speed-up the process but it gives you less of a headache. For instance, with meal preparation, make your Thanksgiving feast a potluck and get each family to bring a dish.  

Be Proactive in Preparation

Avoid last-minute rushing. This tends to leave people stressed out and prevent them from really enjoying the moment. Preparing ahead of time reduces the amount that needs to be done on Thanksgiving day.  When deciding on food dishes to be served, look at what can be prepared ahead of time.

Even if you can’t prepare a full dish ahead of time, think of certain parts that can be started so when it comes time to complete the whole task, it can be done much quicker. Examples of tasks that can be completed beforehand are setting the seating arrangement the night before your Thanksgiving meal or even making the turkey the day before.

Consider Buying Parts of the Meal

Preparing an entire Thanksgiving feast is a big task. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a pie or gravy for your meal. Purchasing part of the meal is a great way to shorten the amount of time spent cooking.

Create a Timeline and Master List of What Needs to Be Done

Having a master list ensures no task is overlooked, from meal preparation to entertainment or the guest list. A timeline shows which tasks need to be completed first and gives a date that they need to be done by.

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