Enjoy Some of the Top Dart games

Darts is a great way to pass the time with friends and family. Here are some awesome darts games to enjoy the next time you’re entertaining!

Doubleday Baseball

For all the baseball fans out there, Doubleday Baseball is the darts game for you. In this game, you want to score more home runs than your opponent. To play, write the numbers one through nine vertically down the board to represent the innings in the game. To determine the order of play, each player will throw one dart at the bullseye. Order is based from closest to furthest from the bullseye.

The player who through closest to the bullseye chooses between being pitcher or batter. The pitcher’s job is to throw one dart at any number (except bullseye) on the board. The dart is LEFT IN THE BOARD the whole time the batter is at bat (1/2 inning). This will be the scoring number for the batter. The batter has to get as many runners home before scoring three outs.

Fifty-One in 5’s

Fifty-One in 5’s can be played by any number of players. The objective of This game is to be the first player to reach exactly 51. For score, write each player’s name on a sheet or board and keep a running total of each person’s score.

The game works when each player throws three darts in a row. And the hope is that you get a score divisible by 5. For instance, if a player throws a single 20, a single 20 and a single 5, that gives the player to be a total of 45. When divided by 5 this would give the player a total of 9.

Mickey Mouse

The goal of Mickey Mouse is to “close” all your numbers (20 down through 12, any three triples and bulls-eye). You must hit three of a number to close it. To determine playing order, players will each throw one dart at the bullseye. Whoever gets closest goes first. The player who goes first throws three darts in an attempt to close out any of the scoring numbers. Mickey Mouse has no real strategy, except throwing accurate darts.


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