Optimize Your Small Space for Entertaining

Are you looking to utilize your home space for entertaining friends and family, but limited space has prevented you from throwing the parties you’ve always wanted to? Don’t let space restrictions stop you from having blast with those closest to you! Here are tips for how to entertain in a small space. 

Move Around Furniture

To best utilize the space you do have available for entertaining, you may need to move some of your furniture. For instance, moving furniture closer to the walls frees up the most space possible for your guests, preventing them from being huddled together. Also, consider moving furniture that won’t be used to another area of the home, such as your bedroom. This helps free up additional space for entertaining your guests. 

Be Creative

When working with a limited space, creativity is key! With a little ingenuity, many areas of your home can be used for a different function to help meet your entertaining needs. If your main dining table doesn’t offer enough space for all your guests, slide together two coffee tables provide another space for dining. Your sink can be filled with ice to form a beverage cooler and a large island, in a small kitchen can serve as a buffet table. 

Control Traffic

When working with a limited space, it’s not hard for your guests to all congregate together and become all bunched together in one area. Fortunately, as a host, there are steps you can take to keep your guests moving and prevent people huddling together in one area. One of the best things you can do is spread everything out! For example, have your bar, meal and dessert in different areas to help keep people moving and not congregating in one area.



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