Are You Properly Maintaining Your Shuffleboard Table?

Properly caring for your shuffleboard table helps you get the most life out of your investment and keeps it in top shape for years to come. If you’re the proud owner of a shuffleboard table or looking to purchase one, keep these maintenance tips in mind!

Tuning Your Shuffleboard Table

Changes in temperature and humidity level can impact the shape of your shuffleboard, causing it to become misaligned. Shuffleboard climatic adjusters allow you to correct any misalignments, for an optimal playing surface. Depending on the shuffleboard you purchase, climatic adjusters may or may not be included. These adjusters can be purchased separately, should they not come with the board. 

Positioning of Your Shuffleboard Table

Avoid having your table next to sources of direct sunlight, such as windows. The sunlight results in constant expansion and contraction of your table that can lead to your table becoming warped. When not in use, both indoor and outdoor tables should be covered. A cover is of greater importance with outdoor tables; however, covering your indoor shuffleboard table helps prevent it from becoming warped.

Cleaning Your Shuffleboard Table

The best method to clean your table is dependent on its finish. The following are cleaning recommendations for various table finishes. 

Polymer Finish

This finish can be cleaned with a damp rag and wiped down. Glass cleaners or multi-purpose cleaners are also safe for use on polymer surface tables, as they won’t damage the finish. 

Lacquer Finish

If your table has a lacquer finish, it can be kept looking brand new with a quality furniture wax for wood applications. This can be done with a lint-free cloth, once a month or as needed. 

Traditional Wood Finish

For tables comprised of older natural wood, cleaning with a mixture of water and vinegar (1/4 cup) is a good cleaning solution. For optimal results, add a few drops of wood polish, to bring out the natural rich tones of the wood. 

Shuffleboards are a lot of fun, don’t let poor maintenance cause yours to deteriorate sooner than it should. 


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