That Moment When a Friend Spills in the Spa

Owning a hot tub gives you an excuse to host get-togethers with friends and family. Unless you adopt a no-food-or-drink policy, you can expect the occasional spill. After all, heat exacerbates the effects of alcohol, meaning your guests will get clumsier.

Do You Need to Empty the Tub after a Little Spill?

Thankfully, dropping beer or wine into the hot tub does not necessitate a total draining.

Considering the small volume of liquid in a drink, a quick shock the next day should rebalance the chemical levels.

That said, fruity drinks may call for a temporary evacuation, as it will float and froth on the surface. Besides looking gross, it won’t do much harm.

What Happens If Broken Glass Gets into the Hot Tub?

The real danger comes from the bottles and glasses drinks come in. Broken glass is practically invisible underwater, which becomes a serious safety hazard to bathers.

Stepping or sitting on glass can cause deep wounds—enough for stitches. Small shards can also get picked up by the jet streams then blown around the water. Not only does this pose another threat to bathers, but glass might end up in the filters and cause damage to the pump.

In most cases, broken glass requires a complete hot tub draining to ensure all pieces get removed. For this reason, it’s best to provide plastic cups to your guests and free your mind from worry.


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