What Should I Do About Weak Hot Tub Jets?

Many factors can cause hot tub jets to underperform. Thus, it’s important to rule out the variables to realize a solution. The tests below will help you identify common jet-related problems.

However, if none yields results, you may need to contact a specialist. Jet malfunction sometimes occurs when the pump acts up. It’s best not to attempt repairs on the pump yourself.

Worn Filters

Jets with old filters sometimes slow down, soften or pulsate. To test the filters, remove them from the jets. If you notice a difference, change the filters. Otherwise, clean the filters and reinsert them to conduct another test.


Should a blade chip or a bearing loosen, your jets might clog. Torn fabric and hair can also impede the impeller. Check for such obstructions with the hot tub off.

If there are no visible clogs, scale deposits might be at work. If you do not maintain proper water levels, then calcium is likely the culprit. Remove the jets and soak them in vinegar to dissolve any deposits.

No Pressure

Sometimes after draining your tub, air locks into the pump. In effect, the pump loses traction and weakens. This is one of the few pump repairs you can do yourself.

With the pump off, loosen the coupling to the discharge pipe (do not remove it!). Once powered, listen for a hiss. If water sprays immediately, tighten the coupling. Otherwise, wait for the air to release.

Gasket Malfunctions

Jets include an internal gasket for separating high and low water pressures. If dysfunctional, the jet cannot draw air incorrectly. As a result, it streams inconsistently or softly. You can buy new gaskets or get your jets repaired should this be the issue.

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