How to Keep Your Hot Tub Cover Clean

Just as you must refresh and replace the water in your hot tub, you should also clean its exterior. Aim to do so once every few months to keep it protected from the elements.

Surprisingly, vinyl covers are sensitive to sunlight. Like us, UV rays can damage its skin. For this reason, you need to protect it. Just as we have sunblock, hot tub covers have special chemicals for cleaning and sealing. In fact, the wrong product could actually thin or fade it! This is why it’s important to maintain it well.

Treat Your Hot Tub to Improve Its Longevity

Despite what you may think, lid cleaning is best done to a dry surface. Choose to clean your spa cover during a week of little to no rain. Wipe away any dew or moisture with a soft towel before treating or conditioning.

Once dry, use a soft brush to remove dirty and grime. Once noticeably rejuvenated, spray your treatment and let soak for one to three minutes. Refrain from using products with alcohol, bleach, detergent, wax or oil. Similar to our skin, such things bake the surface in the sun. It also dries the vinyl out, leading to cracking and fading.

Rub in the spray for full absorption, then rinse with water to wash away residual dirt and chemicals. Only after cleaning should you apply conditioner.

Conditioner improves the lid’s resilience. Without conditioner, you leave your hot tub cover exposed: it seals the vinyl.

Checking Under the Cover

The underside of the lid doesn’t need as much attention as the top. That is unless you see mold or mildew. In such cases, you’ll need to unzip the cover, remove the inside foam, and treat the vinyl. If the foam has been damaged, you may need a new hot tub cover.

To clean the surface, use a non-abrasive solution and scrub the spores away. Some bleach-based products suit this purpose well, but ask for recommendations the next time you’re in our store or at your nearest pool supply store.

Once sufficiently clean, rinse with cool water and pat dry. You should keep the foam and the vinyl separate until fully dry. Store them in the sun for an hour or two to kill untreated mold or mildew.

Repairing Cracks and Tears in the Lid

Small rips and weathering do not warrant a replacement lid. You can tape, patch, sew, or staple (stainless steep) the vinyl for minor repairs. Ensure that you use the right materials. Otherwise, you may leave your hot tub cover susceptible to further damage.

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