Ozone Vs UV Sterilizer In The Hot Tub

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One essential element of hot tubs is the water sanitation system that works to treat all the water in your hot tub. The sanitation system prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria and keeps your spa environment safe for use. One of the latest methods being employed for spa sanitation is the use of ozone and a UV sterilizer.

How does a UV sterilizer work?

UV spa sanitation utilizes ultraviolet light to remove microorganisms, eradicate toxic by-products and lower your need for chemical usage. This is accomplished by focusing high-intensity UV-C germicidal light rays on the water passing over it.

The germicidal light is installed in your hot tubs piping, in a sterilization chamber. This chamber prevents UV rays from entering the hot tub and causing you any bodily harm. 

What are the benefits of a UV sanitizer?

Harnessing ultraviolet light to disinfect spa water is also a very environmentally-friendly option as there are no adverse side-effects to animals, aquatic life, plant life or the environment. The UV light disrupts the DNA or RNA of organisms such as algae, bacteria and protozoa, which prevents them from reproducing. 

Organic matter is also effectively destroyed by the highly-concentrated electromagnetic energy, which helps avert the development of chlorine by-products in the water. These chloramines have been linked to asthma, allergies and even cancer. 

In summation, UV spa disinfection helps eliminate harmful microorganisms, lower chemical usage and eliminate toxic by-products. At Canadian Home Leisure, we sell hot tubs that utilize this technology to provide you with a healthy environment for a soak.

UV light vs. ozone as a sanitizer

Both systems are used by different hot tub manufacturers – which one is better?

Using an ozone sanitizer

Hot tub water needs to be both sanitized (kill bacteria, fungus, etc.) and oxidized (breakdown organic matter). Ozone is a gas (a form of oxygen) which is a very powerful oxidizer and an adequate sanitizer.

If it is not used up it reverts to oxygen which means it does not leave a by-product in the water as chlorine or bromine will do. It does, however, alter the water balance and if there is too much ozone produced it will start attacking the soft plastics – the cover and pillows.

Using UV sterilization

UV light is a strong sanitizer but does not oxidize at all. It does not enter the water and so will not affect water balance or leave by-products.

It works by disrupting the DNA of living organisms such as bacteria. Many people find the thought of there being living organisms in their hot tub rather repulsive and so prefer UV light.

With a UV light system, you will still need to oxidize the water. However, you could use a non-chlorine shock such as potassium monopersulphate.


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