How to Remedy a Smelly Hot Tub Cover

Have you ever gone to enjoy a relaxing dip in your home spa only to find an undesirable scent from your hot tub cover was ruining the experience? This can be a nuisance; however, it’s fairly straightforward to deal with if you implement the correct steps.

What’s Causing the Issue?

Strong smelling spa covers normally result from your cover becoming waterlogged or rotten. Hot tub covers have a waterproof outer layer to prevent moisture damage, so if your cover has developed a smell, examine it for tears or holes.

If a tear or hole is the culprit, your cover can potentially be patched and brought back to working condition. However, if the damage to the outer layer is too significant to be patched or if the inner foam layer is saturated with water, your cover will likely need replacing.

How to Prevent This from Happening

Be Aware of Debris: Low-hanging branches have the potential to break off and puncture the outer lining of your hot tub. Also, if debris collects on your spa cover, it can cause the cover to cave in and lose its shape, which compromises the effectiveness of the cover as well.

Air out the Cover: Every few months, place the cover in a dry location to remove moisture and allow the cover to air out. Regular maintenance is important for preventing issues with your hot tub cover and your hot tub as well.

Take Advantage of Protective Treatments: Applying protective treatments for your hot tub’s outer layer prevents it from cracking, which creates openings for moisture to enter.

Balance Your Spa Water: Unbalanced spa water creates an environment for bacteria development in your spa. Not only can these bacteria make your water unsafe for use, but it can also create an odour in the water.

Incorporate a Floating Spa Blanket: Floating spa blankets are useful for reducing the amount of chemicals and water the spa cover is exposed to. These blankets help protect your spa cover from sustaining from evaporation.


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