Is Your Spa Prepared for Summer Use?

If your spa has been inactive over the winter months and you are planning on spending time in the spa this summer, take the appropriate steps to ensure a safe soak.

Cleaning Process

Adequate cleaning is necessary prior to the use of your spa. Antifreeze residue from the winter months must be removed. Thoroughly rinsing your spa not only removes any remaining antifreeze but also mould or other microorganisms that may have developed from inactivity. Make sure to also rinse your spa’s skimmer, return and lines.

Refilling Process

Once your spa is cleaned out, you can begin the refilling process. Pre-filters are a useful tool to incorporate as they help control the number of minerals entering your spa. This simplifies the balancing process at the end. As most of us use a garden hose to refill a hot tub, pre-filters attach to the end for easy use. Before refilling, flush out the hose for 20 seconds to remove stagnant water.

Now you are ready to refill. Direct the hose down the center of the hot tub’s standpipe. This hose placement minimizes airlocks in the equipment and circulates water through the heater.

Don’t Forget About Balancing

Last but not least is water balancing. A spa is balanced when the pH and alkalinity are at appropriate levels. Balancing your spa’s water prior to use is crucial in preparing your spa for that first soak.

As mentioned above, a pre-filter helps refine your water as it leaves the hose but it is not a substitute for the balancing process. Water balancing minimizes the build-up of harmful bacteria in your water.

These bacteria can cause undesired effects such as skin rashes and eye irritations. An unbalanced spa not only affects you, but it also compromises the quality of your spa.

Heater corrosion, clogged filters and the accumulation of water-line scum are just some of the side-effects of a poorly balanced spa.

Although the summer months are enjoyable, don’t miss out on the fun you can have with your hot tub in the winter. Take a few winter hot tubbing tips to heart and make use of your personal spa 365 days of the year.


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