Winter Hot Tub Must-Know Tips

Living in cold climates means that winters can get pretty harsh. If you have a hot tub you can make the most out of the freezing temperatures. Hot tubs are an excellent investment and can give you a lifetime of memories, but they also require some care from your end. Read below to learn some tips on how you can make the most out of your hot tubs.

Check Water Levels

If you have an unattended leak, this can become a costly problem—one that can be avoided through regular maintenance checks.

When water levels get too low, the heater and pump may stop working, and these are the most expensive parts of a hot tub to repair.

Whether you use your hot tub regularly or not, make sure that you check the water levels on a frequent basis.

Keep It at a Set Temperature

Setting a temperature will help keep electric bills down while conserving energy. Constantly increasing and decreasing the temperature can lead to outrageously high bills. You might also want to consider adding a spa blanket to make your spa more energy-efficient.

Piping Protection

Put your hot tub’s freeze protection on to prevent damage during the winter months. Freeze protection ensures that the temperature is constant even when you aren’t using the hot tub. If your hot tub doesn’t have a freeze protection option, all you need to do is use the timer to schedule the tub to go on for just 15 minutes every hour so that warm water is always flowing through the pipes.


Make the winter time a memorable season by inviting friends or your significant other to come over and enjoy the hot tub with you. You’re in for days or nights of endless fun in the hot tub; add some hot cocoa or wine and you’re all set. Just make sure that you always provide enough water for your guests because hot tubs mixed with alcohol can be quite dehydrating.

Hot Tubs for Fitness

After your winter workouts, head over to your hot tub to help stretch out your muscles. Hot water is extremely effective in preventing muscle soreness, especially after a good workout session. Other people pay for this service when they go to hydrotherapy spas, but you have the convenience of it all right in your own hot tub.


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