Most Energy Efficient Hot Tubs: Is it Just the Insulation?

Beachcomber hot tub with top of the line insulation

Soaking in warm water makes you feel relaxed, and hot tubs provide just the kind of relaxation you need after a long, stressful day. But owning and operating it comes with its fair share of expenses, from initial purchase price to monthly operating costs. The most energy efficient hot tubs can save you between 5%-30% a month on utility bills if it meets stringent energy efficiency standards like those from Beachcomber Hot Tubs.

Factors that affect the monthly operating expenses for hot tubs

A spa that is built with the most efficient pumps, covers, motors, and insulation can keep both the cost of maintenance and monthly operating costs lower than those that don’t meet these standards. Energy consumption depends on various variables, including:

  • The model (type of insulation and covers used)
  • Hot tub size
  • How often you use it
  • Installation location
  • Climate (ambient temperature)
  • The heater voltage

The Quality of Insulation and Covers Used on Energy-Efficient Hot Tubs

Depending on the hot tub model you choose, the quality of insulation used in the shell could vary considerably as many spa manufacturers use a different amount of insulation to achieve their own level of energy efficiency. Beachcomber hot tubs use high-density, multi-layered polyurethane spray foam insulation that provides maximum heat retention and energy efficiency. Furthermore, they are built with Eco-Lock Covers that fold in the center with a continuous airtight seal around the underside of this fold.

Hot Tub Size

A big hot tub has the capacity to hold more water and is spacious enough to entertain more people. This might sound advantageous and alluring, but it means that the spa has more water to heat and maintain. So when it has to heat a lot of water, it will naturally consume more energy and drive up your monthly operating costs.

However, large hot tubs also retain heat better than smaller ones because the volume ratio of water to shell/outer wall is greater. On this note, Beachcomber offers a variety of sizes to choose from ranging from small hot tubs for couples to larger ones that accommodate up to 8 people.

energy saving hot tub

Frequency of Use

If you use your hot tub regularly, the operating cost will most likely be higher than if you use it occasionally – let’s say once a week or thrice a month. However, if your model has energy efficiency features and you use it most of the time, the cost of running it may still be significantly lower than most old models.

Modern hot tubs consume less energy to maintain water temperature than they would if they had to heat an entire tub of water from scratch each time it was used. So you can save costs by maintaining the temperature most of the time and heating it up when you need as opposed to starting from scratch every single time.

Installation Location

The location you choose to install your hot tub can have a significant impact on energy usage because it determines the amount of heat lost or gained from its environment. Indoor hot tubs or those in some sort of canopy, gazebo, or screened-in enclosure create an ambient environment because they are insulated from the external elements. They also require less energy to maintain the temperature.

To capitalize on this, you can create a special room with plenty of ventilation to avoid humidity build-up and moulds, but reduce air circulation and retains the heat.


As the temperature drop during winter months, the spa will work harder to maintain its heat. Hot tubs will require more energy to warm up and maintain the temperature. This compensates for the heat lost to the environment.

Choose a quality hot tub with the most energy-efficient pumps, covers, motors, and insulation. This minimizes the cost of running your spa during these cold months while still enjoying its therapeutic benefits.

The Heater Voltage

The voltage and power usage of the heater is the most important. Most of your hot tub’s energy consumption comes from the heater. Manufacturers will supply you with the kW rating of your heater. Calculating the monthly energy costs is as easy as multiplying this rating by the cost per kWh supplied by your local utility company.

Why does Beachcomber have the most energy-efficient hot tubs and spas?

Purchasing a hot tub these days requires two financial considerations before making a decision. 1) the Initial cost of the hot tub and 2) monthly running costs. You can reduce the amount of money you pay on a regular basis by purchasing an energy-efficient hot tub.

Beachcomber has provided superior quality in spa construction since the early ’80. Making them the ideal choice for energy-efficient hot tubs. Beachcomber spas are 33% more energy efficient than the competition at the same water volume values.

Energy Saver Management System (ESMS)

most energy efficient hot tubs

Beachcomber’s Energy Saver Management System boasts the latest in energy-saving technology. The system allows you to control the filtration cycles and heating modes to maximize the efficiency of your hot tub. With user-friendly controls located on the top panel, this feature allows the most personalized hot tubbing experience.

100% insulation in the shell

insulation is one of the leading factors for energy efficient spas

One of the first major design characteristics that separated Beachcomber from the rest of the manufacturers is the amount of insulation that is used to fill the shell of the hot tub.

Maintaining water temperature at 100 degrees Fahrenheit will cost money-especially when it’s a 24-hour a-day, 7-days-a-week job. Beachcomber uses 100% insulation in the shells of its hot tubs in every size, make and model. This aspect alone is a major reason a Beachcomber hot tub is able to maintain water temperature efficiently.

Many spa manufacturers will skimp out on the insulation of their hot tub shells. This low-quality method of producing spas will lower the price of your initial purchase. However, over time this will cost you more in running costs.

Beachcomber’s hybrid3 editions are filled with a blow-in spray foam. This insulates the walls of your spa from corner to corner.

High R-Value

The rating for measuring resistance to the conductive heat flow is measured as the R-value. Beachcomber hot tubs demonstrate high R-values due to the quality of insulation that is filled in all four walls of the shell.

Less strain on the pumps

The insulation of the shell keeps the water in the tub at a high temperature with less effort. This puts less strain on the pumps to keep the tub filled with hot water, which lowers your energy consumption.

Energy-efficient heating system

All Beachcombers are built with a fully immersed water heating system that allows maximum efficiency. The heating element is 5.5 kilowatts and uses a 220-volt service which heats your hot tub faster than any other system at a fraction of the cost.

Heatshield spa covers

Beachcomber Heatshield spa covers help trap heat and moisture inside the hot tub to save more money

The biggest source of heat loss comes from the surface of the water in your hot tub. Beachcombers Heatshield hot tub covers trap in the heat with a vacuum seal. This contributes to a high level of insulation and more savings on energy and hot tub running costs. (Learn how to clean your spa cover)

The California Spa Efficiency Standard

California is known to have problems with rolling blackouts. An initiative was made for all spa manufacturers to pass an efficiency test that would limit energy consumption. Beachcomber willingly sent each of their models to California Polytechnic University to undergo energy testing.

The tests were based on maintaining the water temperature at 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It also included 30 minutes of use every second day and 15 minutes of running the jets.

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Every Beachcomber model passed the efficiency standard with flying colours. In fact, it was determined that Beachcomber hot tubs outperformed the standard by 33%.

The Hybrid3, Beachcomber’s most energy-efficient model (at the time) was found to be the most energy-efficient model in the entire spa industry.

These results were a testament to Keith Scott’s commitment to quality. It proved his status as a pioneer in hot tub innovation. Since 2010, many manufacturers have followed in his footsteps. They’ve adopted many of the principles that contribute to running an energy-efficient hot tub.


The most energy-efficient hot tubs come with efficient heaters, optimal size, effective insulation, and most importantly a quality cover. 

Beachcomber hot tubs are most suitable for those looking to minimize their energy consumption. This, without while enjoying the most out of their spa. They have the most energy-efficient hot tubs. These tubs are designed with high-efficiency pumps, motors, and insulated shells to reduce energy loss,. Eco-Lock Covers that protect the heat, and most importantly a combination of size options. So you can get the most out of your spa while minimizing operating costs.

Canadian Home Leisure is proud to be one of the few Beachcomber hot tub distributors for Whitby and the Durham region.


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