Tips for a Mouth Watering-Barbeque

With Spring already here and summer just around the corner, many of us have already taken the cover off our barbeques and started barbequing. In warmer weather, the barbeque can be such a central point of outdoor living, so learn to make the most of it!

Preheat to an Adequate Temperature

If you’re planning on barbequing, set aside 15 to 20 minutes prior to placing the food on the grill to preheat it. Preheating your barbeque has the following benefits:

  • Kill any bacteria that may be on the grill;
  • Prevent your food from sticking;
  • Sears food on contact, which gives your food a more enhanced taste through caramelization.

Avoid Additive-Free Charcoal

If you plan on going the route of charcoal grilling, avoid charcoal with additives. An ideal option is additive-free lump charcoal–otherwise known as charred wood. Other options like conventional briquettes potentially contain wood scraps, coal dust, sodium nitrate and additives (i.e., paraffin or lighter fluid). Not only do these ingredients release toxic compounds into the air when ignited, they also leave a distasteful residue on your food.

Put Health & Safety Precautions in Place

Whenever you’re barbequing, remember to have a different set of utensils and cutting boards for raw foods and cooked foods. This helps prevent spreading any potentially harmful bacteria from your raw foods to your cooked foods.

Marinating Adds Flavour and More

Marinating your food is a great way to add flavour; however, when grilling “muscle meats” (i.e., poultry, red meat and fish) it can also reduce carcinogenic HCAs. This creates a healthier grilling environment for you.

Rest Your Meat Prior to Eating

Letting your meat rest prior to eating is a key step in grilling tasty, juicy meat. This resting period allows all the juices to evenly redistribute throughout the meat.

Incorporate these tips into your grilling process to help produce food that will have everyone wanting more!


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