How to Get Rid of Ants in the Hot Tub

exterminate ants from your beachcomber hot tub

If you’re looking for ways how to get rid of ants in your hot tub, here are a few solutions that might work for you. Outdoor hot tubs are especially prone to ant invasions because they’re located close to the ground, where ants like to build their colony. The ants are attracted to the warmth the water provides and the dark inviting cover that serves as a temporary home. Let’s first start at the source of the problem…

How did these pesky ants get here?

Ants like warm, moist environments. It’s why you often see them near water sources like your kitchen sink or bathroom tub. They’re also attracted to sugary substances; if you have any spilled drinks or food around your hot tub, that could be what attracted them in the first place.

Although most ants are harmless and pose no threat to humans, they can still be a nuisance. A few species of ants can sting or bite, which can be painful and cause swelling. At the end of the day, no one wants to share their hot tub with a few hundred (or thousand) of these critters. So, how do you get rid of ants in your hot tub before the company arrives?

how to get rid of ants in hot tub
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Solutions to rid yourself of ants for good

The following are quick and easy solutions that should do the trick. We’ve included a solution for every place that these vermin might be hiding, waiting to ruin your comfort. Here are some instant and long-term solutions on how to get rid of ants in the hot tub, hot tub cover, hot tub jets and in the filter as well. Go through the sections that apply to you.

Get rid of ants in the hot tub cover.

  • Prepare a diluted solution of bleach and water in a ratio of 1:9. 
  • Soak a clean rag in the solution and use it to wipe down the entire hot tub cover. 
  • Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies where the ants might be hiding. 
  • Wipe everything, especially any white substances that could be their eggs.

The bleach will kill any ants it comes into contact with and disinfect the area to prevent future infestations. It will destroy the scent trails that the ants use to communicate with each other, thereby destroying the path that leads them to your hot tub cover.

get rid of ants in hot tub cover

Cleanse and destroy ants in water filter

Dead ants and eggs can get trapped in your hot tub’s water filter after falling in from the cover. Thoroughly cleanse the filter to get rid of all the ants and eggs that might be collecting in there. If you need to, disassemble the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions and soak all the parts in diluted bleach.

Rinse everything with clean water and reassemble the filter. Turn on the hot tub to circulate the clean water and flush out any remaining bleach residue. You may consider changing the filter altogether to be on the safe side.

Use a pool skimmer net to remove ants

Chances are, some of the ants might have fallen into the water if they were living underneath the hot tub cover. If you have a pool skimmer net, you can quickly scoop up the ants with it. If your skimmer net has a mesh size of 1/12″ or smaller, you should be able to catch the ants without slipping through the holes.

Scoop everything into a container and release them far away from your hot tub onto the neighbour’s property (just kidding). 

If you don’t have a skimmer net, you can also use a cup or any other container to scoop up the ants. Ensure the container has small holes at the bottom but is covered with mesh. The holes will release the water and the mesh is so the ants can’t escape.

When you’re done scooping, give the hot tub a good brush to remove any ant trails that might be in there. This will also help to prevent future infestations.

Kill and repel ants from the hot tub jets

If you have ants in your hot tub jets, you’ll want to take care of them immediately. The likely situation is that there is a hole somewhere in the insulation of your hot tub. You’ll need to inspect your hot tub carefully to see if there are any places ants could be entering your unit. 

You’ll need to seal the crack and possibly use insecticide to deter ants from continuing their march.

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Long-Term Solutions to Keep Ants Away

Once you’ve gotten rid of the ants in your hot tub, you’ll want to take preventative measures to ensure they don’t come back. You don’t want to go through the hassle of getting rid of them every time you want to take a dip. The fact is, ants are attracted to certain conditions, and if you can create an uninviting environment, they’ll stay away. You can do a few things to keep ants away for good.

Keep your hot tub area clean

It’s a well-known fact that ants are attracted to food-especially sugary substances. If you’ve spilled drinks or food around your hot tub, that could be what attracted them in the first place. Keeping the area clean and free of any food crumbs and spills is important. 

Wipe down the tables and chairs after every use and sweep the floor regularly.

You should also be careful about what you eat or drink while you’re in the hot tub. Don’t leave open drinks or food containers around, and clean up any spills immediately. It’s best to eat before you get in the tub or wait until you’re out to have a snack, but if you must eat while you’re in there, be sure to keep everything clean and tidy.

Bring out the ant bait stations

Ant bait stations are an effective way to get rid of ants and keep them away for good. The bait station is filled with an enticing ingredient that attracts ants. They take the bait back to their colony which is shared with the rest of the ants including the queen. This will effectively kill the colony and prevent future infestations.

This is an excellent long-term solution to get rid of ants because it will kill the entire colony, not just the individual ants you see. It’s also a safe solution if you have pets or children because the bait is contained in a station that only the ants can access.

You can find ant bait stations at most hardware or home improvement stores. Just be sure to read the instructions carefully before setting them up. You don’t want to put the bait stations too close to the hot tub or anywhere that children reach them.

Get a quote from a pest control company

When you have tried all do-it-yourself solutions and still have ants, it may be time to call in the professionals. A local pest control company will have the experience and knowledge to get rid of your ant problem for good. They will be able to identify the type of ant you have and find the best solution to annihilate its existence in your domain. 

Pest control companies use various methods to get rid of ants, including baits, traps, and sprays. They will also be able to provide you with tips on how to keep ants away in the future.

If you have an ant problem in your hot tub, don’t wait to take action. The sooner you get rid of them, the better. Use these tips to get rid of ants and keep them away for good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are insecticides safe to use around a hot tub?

Indoor insecticides are safer to use around a hot tub. Avoid outdoor insecticides because they can contaminate the water. Additionally, some insecticides can be harmful if they come into contact with your skin. If you must use an insecticide, be sure to choose one specifically designed to be used around hot tubs and follow the directions carefully.

Insecticide spray may kill the ants you see, but it will not kill the queen or the rest of the colony. For this reason, insecticides are not an effective long-term solution for getting rid of ants.

Are ants attracted to chlorine?

Chorine and other chemicals used to clean hot tubs and pools are not attractive to ants. They are more likely to be repelled by these chemicals. So, if you’re using chlorine to clean your hot tub and still seeing ants, it’s not because of the chlorine.

What is the best way to keep ants away from my hot tub?

The best way to keep ants away from your hot tub is to make the area around it uninviting to them. Keep the area clean and free of food and sugary substances. Be careful not to eat or drink around the hot tub. And employ ant bait stations to help control the population. If you do all of these things, you should be able to keep ants away from your hot tub for good.


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