When Should I Re-Felt My Pool Table?

Typically, pool tables in bars need annual re-felting. Besides frequent use, such tables get abused by their players. For home pool tables, even with a few hours of daily use, felts only require changing every three or so years. In fact, a well-maintained table can get close to a decade out of each felt. Brushing and vacuuming can prolong the life of a table—the same with keeping sunlight, dust and liquids off with a cover.

Interestingly, most people replace felts not because of wear-and-tear, but rather for a new colour. Although most homeowners prefer green or blue cloth, you can buy felt in practically any colour these days. Changing the colour is a more affordable solution than buying a new table. Although the price of felt depends on its grade and size, most tables only cost a few hundred to resurface.

Do You Need to Replace the Cloth during a Move?

Many pool table owners hesitate to dismantle and move their tables because they think they will need to re-felt in the new location. In most cases, the felt is reusable if removed with care. A table that gets moved frequently, however, might need a new cloth after the third or fourth move. This is because the felt gets slightly stretched each time. Consequently, small imperfections will grow more noticeable and the fabric will weaken.

Moves often give cause for changing the felt colour anyway; the new décor might not match the current felt style. Plus, the table needs reassembling, so the cost of replacement gets lumped into the regular setup expense. With a smaller labour charge, the felt will likely come to less than $500 for a large table.


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