Which Color Billiards Felt Should You Choose?



Billiards Forum recently ran a poll, asking its users which color felt they prefer. An overwhelming majority settled on green and blue. Combined, these colors accounted for 99% of responses.

And rightfully so.

Tables have sported royal green felts for ages. Only in the last few years has blue gained traction in halls and tournaments.

Both green and blue are believed to strain the eyes less than louder colors like red. True or not, the color felt you choose should really come down to preference. Things like material and installation matter more to game play and durability.

Remember that the felt laid is never permanent. Most tables need resurfacing after a while. Nevertheless, you can preserve your felt by brushing and cloaking it regularly.

Factors When Choosing Billiards Felt


The color of a billiards table changes its sheen. Dark colors tend to downplay shadows, but they also reduce visibility and affect our ability to visualize angles. Light colors promise the best balance—soft, even lighting. Arguably, gray beats out all other colours in regards to such criteria.


The thickness of the felt affects how the ball rolls. The thicker the felt, the less the slate impacts speed and directness. For expensive concrete slate tables, thin felts are best. Similarly, the coarseness of the fabric determines the maximum rolling distance. Thick, stick felts absorb too much momentum.


Although some colors are more popular than others, not every color will jive with your décor. Before picking a felt, consider the primary colors of your home. Neutrals not only promise the greatest visibility, but they complement most paints and furniture.