Billiard Tables


Billiard Tables

We are proud to carry Legacy brand pool tables. These tables are constructed from selected hardwoods (no engineered wood or laminates) and are assembled perfectly square to ensure strength and accuracy. They are available in a variety of stain colours to suit your preference.

We also carry a selection of Legacy game room furniture. These are offered in the same stain colours to match your billiard table. Please visit our showroom or contact us for more information.

We carry 4 different series of billiards tables from legacy, classic, sterling, elite & their signature series.

Canadian Home Leisure is proud to be a Legacy dealer for your gaming needs. Legacy has quickly become the industry standard for quality when it comes to billiards, shuffleboards and game room furniture.

Premium pool tables for sale

At Canadian Home Leisure we have 12 models of Legacy pool tables for sale and three from the Heritage line. With so much to choose from, we invite you to come to our showroom for help with the style of the table, the size, the colours and the finish.

Sturdy construction and hardwood design

All pool tables are made with a hardwood finish that is sure to light your eyes with luxury. Legacy uses fewer screws than most in their design to make for sturdy construction and well-built tables.

Most products are made with white mahogany, a species of Havea wood that is known for being among the highest quality in games room furniture. This type of wood is grown and harvested in a way that isn’t harmful to rainforests and is environmentally friendly.

One of the most important aspects of a pool table is the billiard slate as this has a direct impact on the playability of your table. The slate provides a flat and consistent playing surface along with weight to ensure your table doesn’t move or shift.

Unlike cheaper brands, Legacy pool tables only come with a 1” thick slate to ensure the flattest and truest game-playing surface. The slate is guaranteed not to crack, chip or break making your pool table perfect for casual or competitive games at regulation standards.

Lifetime warranty

Each billiard table comes with a lifetime warranty on parts and labour. The warranty guarantees your pool table remains free from any defects for as long as you own it. Of course, it’s limited to manufacturing faults and not regular wear and tear of your product.

What are the dimensions of a pool table?

There are generally two sizes of pool tables for sale; The 8’ X 4’ foot pool table is regulation size and what professionals use in tournaments and leagues. The smaller size, 7’ X 3.5’ is the size you might find in bars and is typically the coin-operated pool tables.

How big should the playing area be?

In order to accurately assess all aspects of fitting a pool table in your home, you need to account for the playing area in addition to the actual size of the billiard table. Ideally, you should have 14’ X 18’ feet of playing room using an 8’ pool table with 57” pool cues. If you’re short on space, you can always consider using smaller pool cues to accommodate shot-making ability.

We deliver and install billiards tables directly to your home

Legacy billiards tables are extremely heavy because of the 1” slate and solid hardwood design. We deliver and professionally install pool tables directly to your home so you don’t need to do any of the hard work.

We deliver to Whitby, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Bowmanville, Brooklyn, Clarington, Newcastle, Port Perry, Peterborough, Glen Major, Utica, Courtice, Hampton, Mitchell Corners, Port Darlington, Coburg, Wilmot Creek, Orono, Kirby, Blackstock, Uxbridge, Coppin Corners, Goodward, Bloomington, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Markham, Scarborough, Toronto, and anywhere in the GTA and Durham Region.