How High Should Lights Hang Over a Billiards Table?


Lighting impacts the playability of a billiards table. When positioned poorly, it can obstruct the table’s range of view. A light too low runs the risk of getting struck by a cue; one too high blinds the players. Shadows cast along the banks and around the pockets may also reduce the accuracy of some shots.

Center the Lights

Billiards lights serve a specific purpose: to evenly brighten the surface area of a table. The surrounding environment should have its own light source. Nothing else should rely on the bulbs above the table. When centered, the shine’s radius is insufficient for other uses.

Keep The Lights at Nose Level

From the floor, billiards lights should be between 61 and 63 inches. In relation to the table, lights should never come closer than 32 inches or be further than 42 inches. For most players, these heights level with the bridge of the nose when standing straight.

The size of the table affects the height of the billiards lights. Consult the chart below for recommendations.

Pool Table Size Light Height Bulb Quantity
3.5’ x 7’ 35” to 55” 3 Lights
4’ x 8’ 40” to 60” 3 to 4 Lights
4.5’ x 9’ 50” to 70” 3 to 4 Lights
5’ x 10’ 60” to 80” 4 to 5 Lights
6’ x 12’ 90” to 110” 5 Lights

Billiard light measurements based off a similar chart on


Hang with Chains at a 45-Degree Angle

Try to form a 45-degree angle with the chains holding the fixture in place. The chains should resemble a triangle, with the tip on the ceiling and the base flush against the lamp. Severer angles will cause stress on the installation, reducing its sturdiness and stability.

Regarding the light bulbs, shop for fluorescent lights for the most even lighting experience!