How High Should Lights Hang Over a Billiard Table?

height of light over pool table

Lighting impacts the playability of a billiard table. When positioned poorly, it can obstruct the table’s range of view. A light too low runs the risk of getting struck by a cue; one too high blinds the players. Shadows cast along the banks and around the pockets may also reduce the accuracy of some shots. So, what’s the correct pool table light height? Optimal billiard table lighting should be hung around 30″-36″ but no more than 40″ over the slate bed of the pool table. This is the same as the billiard lamps hanging about 60″-66″ over the floor.

Pool table light height

While the height of a pool table light above the table is important for quality play, there are also many other things that you need to consider when setting up the lighting for your pool table. Keep in mind that whether you measure the pool table light height above the floor or above the table, the result should be the same! Here are a few more tips to consider to help you on your way.

Tips on how to hang your billiard lights

Center the Lights

Billiard lights serve a specific purpose: to evenly brighten the surface area of a table. The surrounding environment should have its own light source. Don’t expect your room to rely on the bulbs above the table. When centred and hung correctly, a billiard lamp’s shine’s radius is insufficient for other uses.

Keep The Lights at Nose Level

From the floor, billiard lights should be between 61 and 63 inches. In relation to the table, lights should never come closer than 81 cm (32 inches) or be further than 96.5 cm (38 inches). For most players, these heights level with the bridge of the nose when standing straight.

The size of the table affects the height of the billiard’s lights. Consult the chart below for recommendations.

Pool Table SizeLight Height Over Pool Table# of Bulb/Length Along Pool Table
7’ 30” to 36”3 Lights (52″)
8’ 30” to 36”3 to 4 Lights (52″)
9’ 31” to 40”3 to 4 Lights (62″)
10’ 33” to 40”4 to 5 Lights (62″)
12’ 33” to 40”5 Lights (62″)

Hang with Chains at a 45-Degree Angle

If your electrical box is not directly above the pool table you will need to use chains to hang your biliard lights. This is also a good option to ensure your light fixture doesn’t come crashing down on your table. You’ll need to attached the chains to ceiling joists or use toggle bolts or anchors to securely hang your lighting array.

Try to form a 45-degree angle with the chains holding the fixture in place. The chains should resemble a triangle, with the tip on the ceiling and the base flush against the lamp. You can also hang lights directly above the table using straight angle but there may be more sway as opposed to the triang shape.

Severe angles will cause stress on the installation, reducing its sturdiness and stability.

Billiard lights hanging with a triangle shape
The triangle-shaped angle on chains
Billiard lights with chains hanging straight from the ceiling
Straight chain set-up
An example of extreme angle on billiard light chains
An extreme angle on chains is WRONG!

Choose light bulbs best suited to taste

Regarding the light bulbs, shop for fluorescent lights for even lighting. You can also use LED lights on most newer types of fixtures. While incandescent bulbs are an option, they aren’t the most ideal for billard lights. The traditional incandescent bulbs give off more heat which can make your playing area less comfortable, They also don’t last as long and need replacing after roughly 100 hours. Flourescent lights can last up to 8000 hours while LED lights hold the title lasting as long as 15000 hours.

You can choose your desired Watts for the level of brightness that suits your taste.

Contact us with any questions on billiard table lighting

At Canadian Home Leisure, we’re happy to help. If you need advice on any issues at all with your pool table feel free to send us a message or call us at the showroom. Looking forward to helping you!

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