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There are a lot of people that are very difficult to buy gifts for, however, pool table owners are not one of them. This list of pool table accessories ensures that you can always find something fun and meaningful to get for a person who owns a pool table.

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No list would be complete without the essentials, however, rather than just list the most common billiard accessories you would normally expect to see, we tried to throw in a few curveballs. There are probably a few pool table accessories that you may not have known existed. So without further ado, we’ll start this list with one of the coolest acquisitions to make for improving the level of your game.

Training balls

If you’re not getting better you’re missing out on the opportunity to create a little more joy in your life. Just because you can beat up on a few of your friends doesn’t mean you can’t keep raising your skill level to new heights. Measle balls are one type of training ball you can use to help you with learning spin.

measles ball is one of many pool accessories to buy as a gift

The Jim Rempe is a popular type of training ball that has both a beginner and an advanced side of the ball. These balls work to improve your control and perfect the different spins you can use. Adding topspin, backspin and sidespin to your arsenal will definitely be a fun and challenging way of improving your game tremendously.

Jim Rempe training ball

CutShots also sells training balls that help you to see the angles, take more measurements and line up your shots more accurately.

CutShots training billiard accessories

Ballsak Cases

If you own a training ball then it would only make sense that you would get the case to go with it. If you want to tote it along with you to a pool hall to practice your skills you can protect your ball with a Ballsak case.

Ballsak cases to carry your pool balls

Table covers

Not everyone has one but we consider table covers essential to keep your pool table in tiptop condition. A table cover protects the felt, corners and pockets. You get the bonus of a cleaner playing area since there’s less dust build-up. An accident with the cover on versus off could be the saving grace to avoid a complete felt replacement.

Choose from fitted pool table covers.

legacy fitted pool table cover

Draped pool table covers.

Legacy draped pool table cover

And from a variety of colours.

different types of table covers from Legacybilliards

Retractable chalk holder

When you want to make things easier in life, buy things that make life easier! If you’ve played a decent amount of pool you know that the chalk eventually ends up on the floor. Rather than leave it to chance and the inevitability of knocking it off the table, get a retractable chalk holder. These bad boys will be permanently attached to your table so you will always know exactly where to find the chalk. Simple stuff like this makes great additions to your game room.

retractable chalk holder

Pocket reducers

Have you ever thought of making the game harder by reducing the pocket sizes? Well, it’s actually a thing. You can sharpen your skills by practicing with pocket reducers. The smaller pocket sizes force you to be more accurate with your shots to sink the ball. The result is sniper-like accuracy and more wins under your belt.

pocket reducers to practice your accuracy

Magic Ball Rack

The magic ball rack allows easy racking for a few of your favourite games. Changing it up from time to time makes things more interesting and hones your skills by changing your strategy. Read our post that details the rules on how to play 5 different billiard games.

magic ball rack is a pool table accessory to get for easy racking

Retractable bridge

There’s no denying that sooner or later you’re going to find yourself facing a difficult shot that requires a bridge. Why opt for a regular bridge when you can have one that retracts? Most bridges extend up to 57” and can shrink down to 13” for super convenient mobility and storage. The price for a retractable bridge can range between $30-$80.

selection of retractable bridges

Pool table lights

It’s not an absolute essential but the difference these lights make in how well the table is lit up is incredible. Pool table lights even out the light on the playing area so there are no shadows. They also look incredibly good aesthetically and add a professional look to your setup.

pool table lights with player in background

Cue extension

Ever wish you were a little bit taller? Do things sometimes seem a little out of reach? Well, you don’t have to feel like that anymore when you’re playing pool with a cue extension. You can add 6 to 12 inches of reach by attaching the extension to the shaft of your pool cue. Some cues require specific extensions but most of these are pretty universal.

pool cue extension to increase reach

Pool cue cases

You don’t need to be a pro to have a pool cue case. Storing your cues in a case is an excellent way of protecting them from accidents and falls. The protective casing maintains the shape of the shaft and extends its life as well since there is less warping. If you plan on bringing your pool cue to the pool hall there’s no better way for your cue to travel than being in a protective pool cue case.

pool cue cases for travelling and storage

Billiard gloves

Nothing says shark better than wearing a billiard glove! Even if your game isn’t up to league level, you can intimidate your opponents by looking professional. These gloves come in handy for those with sweaty hands or are a solution to a cue that doesn’t slide properly. When your hands sweat the cue tends to stick more on your bridge hand. A glove is your solution to ensure your strokes are smooth and consistent with every single shot.

billiard glove is a great pool table accessory to buy as a gift

Billiard storage bench

Having efficient and strategic storage space can declutter a room nicely. If you’re already strapped for space a storage bench provides the space you need to make your equipment disappear as neatly and conveniently as possible.

You can fit almost everything you need in one of these legacy storage benches. 

storage bench for billiard accessories

Pool cue rack

This is considered an essential part of your billiard room to keep all your cues, your balls and accessories in the same place. Everyone likes a nice rack. Upgrade yours to a new level of beauty and efficiency.

Heritage wall rack for cues and balls and accessories
Legacy Billiards pool cue rack

Accessorize your pool playing experience

Pool table accessories can be a fun way to enhance the experience your game room provides. Whether it’s functional, essential or just enhances the look of your room, adding a few extras is a fun way to make the most of your pool playing experience.

If you don’t see an item on our website, let us help you find what you need. Fill out the contact form, call or email us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.


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