10 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Hot Tub

If you’re thinking of purchasing a spa, there are a few questions to ask before buying. a hot tub. Chances are you’re going to spend a significant amount of time enjoying your home spa-so why not make it the perfect fit for all your needs?

Beachcomber hot tubs are known to last quite a long time with the proper maintenance. It’s a fair assumption that you’ll want to be comfortable with your purchase since they are meant to last 10-15 years if not longer.

Here are a few questions to ask to make sure you’re choosing the right hot tub for your needs.

Does size matter?

Well, in this case, it absolutely does. Of course, every size and Beachcomber model is built with the same quality, but there is quite a different feel to being in a hot tub you can fully stretch out in.

Don’t just be concerned about what it feels like. You may like the idea of having more room in the tub, but what about the room in your home or backyard?

There are two aspects to choosing the size of your hot tub. The first has to do with practicality. You obviously want a hot tub that fits perfectly in the space you have assigned to it.

If you’re making room for your hot tub in your home, on a deck or specific corner of your yard, the dimensions need to be just right.

The second has to do with preference. Are you willing to invest more into a more luxurious spa? Will you be using your hot tub with one person or will you have six eager people rearing to get in?

Plan ahead, and choose wisely!

This 7 series beachcomber hot tub represents one of the questions to ask before buying a hot tub: Does size matter?
750 Series

How many seats will you need?

It’s a fantastically romantic idea to tell your wife or significant that you’re getting a hot tub for two. However, having a hot tub really is a good reason to invite friends over.

If you regularly have people over, think of their faces while they sit on the outside while you fill your hot tub to capacity. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

Plan ahead and make sure you’re able to accommodate the regular residents and visitors of your household.

Should I customize my jets?

The type of jets you choose for your spa can play a big role in the type of massage you get while soaking in your hot tub. There are different sizes of jets as well.

You can choose anywhere from 1-7 individual jets within one fixture.

If you take your hydrotherapy pretty seriously, you may want to take some extra time when you decide on what type of jets you want in your tub.

Did you know that Beachcomber hot tubs have a fully customizable FlexJet system? You can interchange the types of jets as long as they fit the same fixture (there is small, medium, large and X-large).

The type of FlexJets are a consideration to make before purchasing a spa

What filtration system should I choose?

The filtration system is one of the less glamorous features to consider yet it definitely is an important part of your decision process. It’s a vital component for operating your hot tub and maintaining clean water.

There are a few different options to choose from that would basically depend on how many bathers and how frequent they’re soaking.

You have the suction type or the pressure type.

Some spas also have more options for the level of control you have over how often the filtration system runs. You definitely need to be acquainted with the pros and cons of each type of filter before you invest your tub.

What are all of the costs associated with purchasing a hot tub?

Don’t be blindsided by any hidden costs that you haven’t accounted for when purchasing your personal spa. A hot tub will cost you an additional monthly expense to keep them running and properly maintained.

Take into account the slight increase in hydro and the chemical you’ll need to balance the water.

Don’t forget to ask about installation costs. Every retailer is different so be sure to ask whether you should expect a service fee or whether your installation is included in your hot tub purchase.

Do you want energy-efficient pumps?

Every hot tub typically needs a pump to accomplish two tasks: 1) Circulate the water in the hot tub and 2) Power the jets to relax and massage your muscles.

When you’re buying a hot tub the biggest issue is whether it’s energy-efficient. Most hot tubs come with a two-speed pump; one speed for circulation and one for the jets. Neither the size of the pump or the number of pumps will make a difference in the strength of the jets.

If you’re looking for the strongest hydromassage available, make sure you get the largest-sized jets.

Do I want a stereo in my hot tub?

If the answer is yes, consider asking about what models offer this feature. If you don’t already have an outdoor speaker system, drudging your ghetto blaster from inside the house and setting it up next to a large container of water might not be the best setup.

If you’re a true music buff, consider going the distance and kick in the extra bucks for the ultimate hot tub experience. Waterproof music is the perfect combination with a good soak in the spa.

How important are Bluetooth/wireless capabilities?

We live in a digital world so why wouldn’t you consider being able to control your hot tub from your phone? There are hot tub apps that allow you to control most of the settings you’ll find on the control panel.

Even something as simple as turning your spa on and off in the winter months could be well worth the investment.

What are your options for lighting?

Whether it’s a romantic night with your significant other or a joyous reunion with friends and family, the lighting can set the tone of the event. If you want to be a master of ambiance, you need to control the lighting.

Most hot tubs have a standard set of lights, however, always ask for the available options as every model is different.

Blue lighting in Beachcomber hot tub is a feature you want. This ia a question to ask prior to buying a hot tub

Does the warranty protect your investment?

This aspect of buying your hot tub is significant when you consider the size of your investment. Make sure you get a warranty that protects you from manufacturer defects and unexpected malfunctions that are not related to wear and tear.

Beachcomber is one of the few companies that offer a guarantee. As it was explained by the owner himself:

“A warranty protects the manufacturer, while a guarantee protects the consumer with no-fault, no exclusions, parts and labour covered.”

Keith Scott, Founder of Beachcomber Hot Tubs

Make an educated decision you’ll feel good about

It’s true; there are quite a few things to consider when buying a hot tub. The reason is there’s a lot that goes into making your own private oasis.

There will be endless memories made that will last a lifetime. Not to mention the countless hours spent relaxing your body and mind.

There’s no doubt that hot tubs enrich your daily life. To read the most commonly asked questions about buying a hot tub, check out our Ultimate Hot Tub Buyers Guide or learn about 11 hot tub accessories that will enrich your spa experience.


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