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Essential Hot Tub Accessories for Your First Spa

On its own, a hot tub can provide hours of enjoyment and relaxation. From kicking back alone to hosting spa parties, it’s the ultimate leisure activity. Yet many spa owners feel the tub is not enough. They prefer adding accessories to improve its ambiance or make maintenance easier. So here are a few essentials to consider at the store!

Spa Steps

Aboveground spas can be hazardous to enter. For climbing in, buy a set of steps that allow bathers to sit, twist and lean on the ledge safely.

Test Strips and Chemicals

Hot tubs require weekly maintenance to keep the water clean and balanced. Products you will need to refill include sanitizers; shockers (i.e. bromine and chlorine); alkalinity, calcium and pH risers; water clarifiers and more.

Covers and Floating Blankets

Investing in a good cover can do wonders for your tub:

  • It reduces energy consumption by regulating the temperature;
  • It keeps debris and dirt from contaminating the water;
  • It protects the interior components from unnecessary damage and weathering.

Covers work well between hot tub uses. For days when you constantly jump in and out of the water, you should also invest in a floating blanket. These look like strips of bubble wrap that can temporarily provide the aforesaid benefits.

Water Vacuums and Nets

Inevitably, things will fall into the water—bugs, food, leaves and more. Having a tool to quickly remove them can help you maintain water balances and improve hygiene.


Many spa shops sell inflatable pillows. You can let your pillows float or mount them with suction cups where you sit.


Installing speakers in your hot tub can cost a small fortune. As well, it limits their use. Instead, look for cordless speakers on your deck or surrounding patio. That way, you can listen to your music in or out of the tub.

Filter Cartridges and Cleaners

Your jets and filters need replacing over time. By cleaning them regularly, you can increase their lifespan. Therefore, keep stock of both filters and cleaners for your routine checks.


Underwater lights can add to the allure of a spa, particularly at night. They also help bathers get in and out of the tub safely.

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