Best Hot Tub Accessories for a Luxurious Spa Experience

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You don’t need to be a high roller to live life in luxury. If you already own a hot tub, you’re a living testament to this truth. Owning a hot tub is one of the most rewarding purchases you can make because it improves the quality of your life.

There are a plethora of hot tub accessories to consider that complement the things you already do in the hot tub. If you love the time you spend enjoying your hot tub, make it an even better experience by accessorizing!

Why not upgrade your spa experience by purchasing a few hot tub accessories to spice things up?

If you don’t own a hot tub but are about to buy one, this should be one of the questions to ask before buying a hot tub:

What type of activities do you want to do in your tub and what would facilitate making those activities happen?

For most, having friends and family in the hot tub is inevitable so it becomes a question of what type of hot tub games they like. What is the average level of maturity of the guests bathing in your spa?

Obviously, your kid’s 8-year-old friends won’t need any portable wine glass holders-but why not a couple of floating flamingo cup holders for everyone to enjoy? 

Regardless of the crowd you’ve got visiting, you’re bound to get a few awesome ideas from the following 11 hot tub accessories to consider buying for your spa.

Floating drink holders

If you can find classic floating flamingo cup holders, it will really accentuate the fact you’ve created your own private paradise. Why not glamorize the fact you own a hot tub?!

It may not be the most practical for keeping your drinks cool, but with the right research, you can find a few options that best serve your needs.

Floating, waterproof speakers

Whether it’s a soothing tune to help you unwind after a long day at work or a lively, upbeat song to keep the party going, adding audio to your hot tub allows you to enjoy a relaxing soak and your favourite song all at once.

One great way to incorporate music in your hot tub is with floating waterproof speakers. You can connect to them with your tablet or smartphone to enjoy your favourite tunes!

Some people are blessed with the luxury of having speakers built into their hot tubs. If you’re not one of those people you can still get great exposure to your favourite tunes by investing in a floating speaker.

Sure, there are options for playing your music in your backyard, but keep in mind if you’re already in the hot tub you want the waterproof option for more control. That way you can jump to your favourite tracks and skip the worst of them.

Check out this Guide to Buying Wireless Speakers to ensure you’re making the best decision for you.

Games can be a fun way to pass the time for both adults and kids alike.  So, next time your hot tub is opened for use, consider incorporating fun games into your spa time.

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It’s important to note, that children under 12 should avoid hot tub use, as it is easy for them to become overheated and potentially pass out in the hot temperatures; however, the temperature of your hot tub can be lowered to make it more suitable for children.

Waterproof playing cards

These hot tub accessories require the right audience to be a hit. With a few die-hard players this can be a fun option while getting a few minutes of hydrotherapy.

To make this option a little more practical, you’ll need a place to discard, deal and draw cards. This leads to our next hot tub accessory;

Floating inflatable poker table

I mean, if you’re gonna do it right you need the card table to play on! Why not get the poker table so you have a place to put your poker chips and drinks?

Get an appropriate-sized floating table to make your card-playing experience as seamless as possible.

LED lights

Part of hosting a really memorable hot tub experience is providing the right ambiance for the occasion. Use LED lighting to make your night tubbing experience as pleasurable as possible.

The options here are really endless as you’re not limited to just the hot tub. You can decorate the enclosure or fittings around your spa.

LED lights as one of your hot tub accessories

You can also use submersible lights or floating lights to adjust the mood and the feel of the evening. Make your hot tub a romantic getaway for two or make it a festival of lights for a night of celebration.

Spa cover lift/stand

Your spa cover is essentially one of the most important parts of your hot tub. You will need to move it before and after use, every single time. They’re not exactly the lightest things in the world to move around either.

A spa cover lifter is a luxurious hot tub accessory at an affordable price

Give your body a break and extend the life of your spa cover by investing in a lift or stand to help lighten the load of removing the cover. The stand will help extend the life of the cover by keeping it off the ground to avoid tears and punctures.

spa cover stand is an ideal spa accessory to invest in.

Spa apps for balancing water

You should consider a few different apps that make balancing your water a whole lot easier. Did you know you could take a picture of your litmus paper using an app that lets you know exactly how many chemicals you need to add?

Use the modern marvels of technology and become a chemical expert using spa apps for greater water-balancing accuracy.

Aromatherapy scents & fragrances

Make your hot tub the ultimate weapon for eliminating stress by enhancing your soak with aromatherapy capsules. Adding soothing fragrances to your spa will only add to the de-stressing capabilities delivered by heat and hydrotherapy. Spa salts offer a variety of fragrances that can be added to your water, so you can enjoy a pleasant aroma the next time you go for a dip!

Use the power of aromatherapy to relax in your spa

Choose a scent that you love because you’ll be sitting in it and breathing it in once it’s in the water.

Stainless Steel Wineglasses & Outdoor Wineglass Table

It’s true. The whole concept screams against the standard safety rule about mixing alcohol and hot tubs. Let’s be honest though, if it’s going to happen anyway, why not make sure your wine glasses are secure?

Avoid spills and unnecessary accidents with these useful gems. Get the stainless steel pair of glasses with a table to hold them!

Hot tub side umbrella

Let’s face it. Combining the summer heat with direct sunlight could really cut your summer hot tub sessions short. Make your soak more comfortable with a little protection from the sun with a hot tub side umbrella.

You’ll thank your lucky stars when you’ve had enough sun and can open this valet-sized umbrella up for UV protection. Learn more about planning your soaks in the summer months.

Spa bath pillow

Manufacturers strive to make their hot tub models as comfortable as possible, but there’s always room for improvement. Use a spa bath pillow to maximize your comfort and reduce any strain on your neck.

Spa pillows for additional accessorizing

A little more support and cushion could be just what the doctor ordered.

Consider which spa accessories would make life better for you

Life is all about getting better. Make each soak a little better by experimenting with the different hot tub accessories that are designed to improve your experience. Get the most out of your spa by enhancing the things you love about it or adding the things it never had.

A few strategic items can make a huge difference in the memories you make for yourself and your guests. Browse the selection of our Beachcomber spas.

Canadian winters are a harsh time of year. With freezing temperatures and chilling winds, many opt to spend their time staying toasty warm inside, as opposed to braving the elements. Fortunately, with proper care and preparation, hot tubs can be enjoyed all year round. To get the most out of your hot tub experience this winter, make sure you’re using the following accessories.

Elevate Your Winter Hot Tub Experience with These 3 Accessory Tips

Use a Hot Tub Cover

It’s crucial to the functioning of your hot tub to have a cover. Hot tub covers properly insulate your spa, which reduces its energy consumption. By keeping in the heat and preventing the cold air from lowering the temperature of your spa’s water, your hot tub heater won’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature of the water.

A hot tub cover is crucial to keep your hot tub water from being contaminated, preventing critters from accessing the tub and just keeping our bacteria, but as the temperatures drop, hot tub covers become even more important.

Avoid the Use of Jets

For winter hot tub use, it can be best to avoid using the jets. This function can blow cool air into the water and can rapidly lower the temperature of your hot tub. If you are interested in using them, use them sparingly and ensure they are turned off after your time in the water is done.

Have a Jacuzzi Robe

Getting out of your nice warm spa in freezing temperatures can be a rather unpleasant experience. Having a nice warm Jacuzzi robe to put on, upon getting out, will help you stay warm. A towel warmer is an effective way to keep your towel or robe warm, while you’re enjoying a soak in your hot tub, so it’ll be toasty warm as you put it on.

Hot tubs are a great way to relax and enjoy your outdoor space in the winter. At Canadian Home Leisure, we are proud to offer first-rate hot tubs for your use. For information on caring for your hot tub throughout the winter, check out our blog: Winter Hot Tub Tips You Need to Know!


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