Are Hot Tubs Good For Arthritis?

The short answer is, yes, hot tubs can reduce arthritic pain in the joints by relieving muscle tension in and around the area. The weightlessness experienced from buoyancy while in the water contributes to reducing pressure on the joints.

Will soaking in a hot tub help with arthritis?

A hot tub provides therapy for many of the root causes of arthritic pain such as excessive or lack of physical activity, muscle tension, fatigue and anxiety. It depends on the cause of the pain you’re suffering from that will determine whether a hot tub is good for your condition.

If your pain is from overuse and inflammation, you may need to use cold therapy to reduce the blood flow to the area.

Heat treatment vs cold treatment for arthirtis

According to, heat and cold therapy are both used to treat arthritic joints. Many people will alternate between treatments depending on what their immediate situation calls for.

For example, heat is used to relax muscles, lubricate the joints and generally can be applied before physical activities to get rid of stiffness.

Cold therapy is applied to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain. Ice packs and cold pools are solutions if you’re joints are inflamed.

Benefits of using a hot tub for arthritis

Hot tubs are ideal for soothing sore fatigued muscles. The raise in internal body temperature opens blood vessels allowing more blood circulation.

Higher internal temperature results in an increased heart rate. This causes reduced blood pressure, which, for a healthy adult can be extremely relaxing. Many people find their hot tub experience one of the best ways to relax and reduce work-related anxiety.

Reducing muscular tension is an excellent way to give overworked joints a break. Often the tissue is damaged within the joints and/or the nerves within the area. Hydrotherapy and heat help to relieve the pressure in those areas.

Many people find the overall effects of using a hot tub to help with arthritis extremely rewarding. Having the comfort and convenience of owning your own home spa means countless nights and days of relaxing therapy.

Risks of using a hot tub for arthritis

Using a hot tub is not just for anyone. Those with heart disease or any heart-related issues should refrain from using the hot tub. The increase in heart rate from a rise in internal temperature may cause complications.

Pregnant women are also cautioned against using hot tubs for more than 10 min. Even when doing so its recommended that the water temperature be reduced to a moderate range of approximately 38°C.

Just like any injury that causes inflammation, it’s important to recognize when to apply heat and when to apply cold. Make sure you’re using heat for the right reasons to avoid aggravating the inflammation you’re experiencing in your joints.

Hot tub therapy for arthritic pain

According to, arthritis affects 1 out of 5 Canadians who are 15 years of age and older. This condition is by no means limited to the elderly considering that more than half of the population with arthritis are less than 65 years of age.

Arthritis can cause acute pain but is more likely to be long lasting, chronic pain. People must learn how to live with this type of condition, as there is no known cure.

One of the best ways to learn to deal with your arthritis is to become familiar with how your body reacts to different types of treatments. For many living an active lifestyle, investing in a hot tub may prove to be a worthy investment.

It’s difficult to put a price on the quality of life.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what that improvement will be.

If you’re suffering from arthritis, a hot tub may be an answer to life with a lot less pain and lot more enjoyment.


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