How to Create an Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor patio furniture set with coffee table

Need ideas on how to create an outdoor living space? With so many options it can be difficult to decide on which furniture is best suited to your needs. Here are a few hints, tips and ideas to get you closer to the outdoor living space of your dreams.

Establish the basic floor plan

Before you make a single purchase create a basic blueprint for the layout of your new entertainment area. Ideally, you’ll want a place to eat and relax comfortably, while avoiding the possibility of cluttering your outdoor oasis.

The floor plan typically starts with establishing a sense of enclosure for each area. For example, if you already have a deck then you’ll need to plan for the space it provides. You may only have just enough space for a patio dining set.

Patio dining set placed to fit into a custom space

You have to figure that if you’re planning on eating outside, the experience is not complete without having a grilling station (hopefully with one of our Weber or Broil King BBQs!)

If you have room to spare, you may want to consider creating an additional area for relaxing in a more comfortable setting by recreating the living room experience.

A section couch with fire pit is one way to create an outdoor living space

How would you like to live in luxury without paying luxurious prices? A fire pit can take your outdoor arena to a whole new level of high-class living. Having a fire pit is a nice touch in the day but at night this small addition becomes a big hit as the focal point of your entertainment area.

Section off your outdoor area to account for space the most important features will take up. Keep in mind that although you may not have the resources to buy it all in one go, you should still plan for future purchases that you know you want to showcase.

Rome wasn’t built in one day; so don’t feel like it’s now or never when you know that a pool or hot tub is something you’re going to eventually install.

Depending on your setup, you may want to set some space aside for an outdoor games room.

Outdoor table tennis board
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Have you thought about setting up a backyard bar? Treat your summer guests to the best hosting experience with bar seating and make your backyard the best place to be in the city.  What could be better than getting together with family and friends over cold drinks on warm summer days?

Strategize on using walls for privacy

some things happen in your backyard that is best kept private. When you’re thinking of how to arrange your outdoor living space take into account that you may enjoy certain areas more if there’s some element of privacy to protect you from nosey neighbours.

It’s only natural to check out what’s going on at your neighbour’s place so if your hot tub is smack dab in the centre of your yard you better be keeping it PG-13. You can’t blame people for peeking in from time to time especially if you’re having fun in a backyard that looks fantastically designed.

To add more privacy to your hot tub experience, try placing it close to your home or installing a wooden lattice, pergola or privacy screen for specific angles your home can’t cover.

A hot tub with a wooden privacy wall
Image source: The Wow Decor

The same goes for accommodating a more private dining experience. If you value alone time or just an added blanket of security using a privacy blind can be the perfect decorative solution.

Don’t underestimate the amount of coverage you can get from a patio umbrella. These babies come in a few different sizes and can be angled to shield you from prying eyes.

Add a ceiling for a layer of protection

Having a roof of sorts over your head can shield you from the elements, protect your patio investments and provide additional privacy. This makes gazebos ideal as an accommodating enclosure that provides you with all of the benefits in a unique and attractive design.

Another popular choice is to install an awning. You have the choice between installing a retractable awning or an aluminum awning, which is more of a permanent fixture. If you don’t like the idea of having a permanent ceiling, go for the retractable option for providing a roof over your head on command.

Large awning over a patio

Want to go more casual? Make the most of your patio experience by providing sheltered areas with our patio umbrellas. You can get an entire patio set under one umbrella, or have a few in strategic areas.

Learn how to create an outdoor living space with the strategic placement of umbrellas

Select your furnishings

One of the advantages of choosing patio furniture is that there is a lot of variety, so you’ll get to be as creative as you want. There are endless styles, themes and an assortment of materials you can select from to furnish your outdoor paradise.


Cabana Coast offers an excellent array of wicker patio furniture for dining and lounge seating options.

Create an outdoor living room experience with a wicker patio set

Cast Aluminium

If there’s a man of steel in your home, you may lean towards the cast aluminum outdoor patio furniture collection. You can choose to have higher table and chair heights for bar seating as well as mix up the seating options with a swivel chair.

Cast aluminum patio set with swivel chair


Teak patio furniture is built is well-known for its ability to resist mould and rot and was more infamously used as wood to build ships. This natural-looking dining patio set is the perfect addition to any backyard with room and a flat surface.

Teak dining patio set

Recycled plastic

Explore the wondrous world of recycled plastic patio furniture. These extremely durable patio sets are an excellent way to provide extra seating at an extremely affordable price.

We have dining sets, lounge seating, lawn seating and a number of options for you to browse.

Recycled plastic patio benches

Wrought iron

If you’re more of a traditionalist, you may want to consider selecting wrought iron furnishings. Keep in mind this option is much heavier than aluminum so if you’re planning on rearranging frequently, you may want to stick with aluminum.

Wrought iron patio furniture

Create your own personal outdoor oasis

When you’re deciding on how to create an outdoor living space take your time when planning out your options. Summers in Canada are a precious commodity. Maximize your time outdoors with long-lasting, quality patio furniture that will remain useful for years to come.

If you have any questions about any of our furnishings, message us or call the store to place an order for delivery.


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