Patio Umbrellas

Pair your outdoor furniture with a patio umbrella to provide adequate shelter from the sun and the rain. Choose from a wide selection of market and cantilever umbrellas to create a stylish environment equipped with the practicality of shielding yourself from the elements. 

An outdoor patio table umbrella completes your entertainment area

Whether you’re in the sun or rain, your backyard can remain a reliable and comfortable option for entertaining guests. Why let the rain ruin your day or evening when you have the ability to shelter an entire outdoor living space with a cantilever umbrella?

A patio set with an umbrella can also provide the perfect retreat to read a book while you relax with the quiet soothing sounds of raindrops beating down around you.

Common uses of patio umbrellas in Canada

  1. Shade from the sun
  2. Privacy from nosey neighbours
  3. Shelter from the rain
  4. Protect patio furniture

Additional options to add to your offset patio umbrella

  • All umbrellas can be fitted with patio umbrella lights
  • The base can be bought separately
  • Add-on weights for the base are also available

About Treasure Garden

In addition to table umbrellas, Treasure Garden manufactures a wide range of market and cantilever (side post) umbrellas. In fact, Treasure Garden has now become the world’s largest manufacturer of umbrellas with investments in other patio-related companies.

Innovation aligned with the latest trends in colour and fabrics has lead Treasure Garden to become a major industry leader when it comes to patio shading. If you don’t see what you like, contact us for more options on styles, colours and models.