Tasty Comfort Foods That You Can Grill

When the cold weather starts to roll around, visions of cozy fireplaces, warm blankets, and knitted socks begin to slip into everyone’s daydreams. It is also around this time when people begin to obsess over seasonal favourites and comfort foods such as hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, and other pumpkin-spiced goodies. But who said that barbeque can’t be considered comfort food? Here are our 4 favourite Fall Grilling Foods to bring you all of the comfort you desire this fall season.

Grilled Potatoes
Potatoes are the world’s best comfort food. It can be cooked and used to make a variety of different things to satisfy every individual’s taste. You can make baked potatoes (a classic), a grilled potato salad, grilled potato mash, or whatever else your potato heart desires.

potatoes grilled with rosemary

Grilled Squash
Fall is the prime season for squash. Indulge in this delicious and sweet food by grilling it on your barbeque along with other vegetables such as the aforementioned potatoes, red peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms. Once the grilling is done, mix them all up into a healthy grilled vegetable side dish!

butternut squash

Whether you’re into chicken kebabs, vegetable kebabs, lamb kebabs, or anything else, kebabs are a great and easy meal to make on the barbecue. Kebabs are also uniquely customizable which makes it an ultimate form of comfort food. Simply gather the ingredients that you like, season to taste, and throw them on the barbecue!

grilled chicken kebabs

For all of the meat lovers out there, there is no better comfort food than a huge slab of ribs! There are so many things to do to ribs to make them extra delicious, but our personal favourite way to prepare ribs can be read in this blog! Who knows? You may be able to pull off some of the tastiest Texan-styled flavours you’ve ever created!

spare ribs are a great comfort food perfect for grilling

Smokehouse Brisket

There’s nothing more savory than a slow-cooked brisket that’s been building up its flavour for hours. Some of our new additions include smokers that will knock your socks off when you bite into anything that comes off the grill! Appeal to the carnivore in you and feed the beast the best-smoked meat you’ve ever prepared right from the comfort of your home.


Looking for creative ways to put a twist on your favourite comfort foods? Try grilling them on a barbecue from Canadian Home Leisure! You can make delicious and satisfying meals right until the end of fall on our durable and top-performance barbecues. To purchase a barbecue from top brands such as Broil King and Weber from Canadian Home Leisure, call us at 905.430.9965 or visit our showroom at 1515 Hopkins St in Whitby.


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