Outdoor Fire Pit Tables


An outdoor fire pit table is a welcome addition to your backyard, front yard or any outdoor living space. These multipurpose items are a family favourite because of the mood and ambiance they provide at any time of the day.

A propane gas-fuelled option can serve as a fire pit coffee table, fire pit dining table, or can simply be the centre focal point of your outdoor patio furniture arrangement. Choose from a wide variety of options from our select choice of vendors, featuring Cabana Coast, Ratana and Homecrest.

Outdoor propane fire pit table vs. wood burning fire pit

An outdoor gas fire table is the preferred choice for those who want a safe, consistent flame that is easily controlled. Start the fire by opening the propane tank and using the ignition switch on your natural gas fire pit table. You can safely turn off the unit with a flick of the switch and then close your propane tank the same way you would a barbecue.

One advantage of using a fire pit table with a propane tank inside is that you can use them under an enclosure. These are ideal for placing under gazebos, pergolas or any outdoor enclosure because the flames are controlled. Most units max out at 50K BTU which is more than enough to huddle up and keep warm, but not intense enough to risk a fire hazard.

You should never place wood fire pits under any type of enclosure because there is less control over the flame. You won’t get the sound of the wood crackling from a gas fueled unit but  you can still roast a weenie and enjoy s’mores whenever the occasion presents itself.

Choose a fire pit dining table for any occasion

Dinner gatherings have never been more memorable while sitting at an outdoor dining table with a fire pit in the middle. The warm glow of the flames create soft lighting and these pieces are the perfect substitute for the type of light that candles provide. Nothing compares to the ambiance provided by the consistent flames of an outdoor dining table with a fire pit.

All tables are fuelled by gas and are safe for use under an umbrella, gazebo, pergola and most enclosures with adequate clearance.

Experience luxury with an outdoor fire pit coffee table

Enjoy the luxury of an outdoor coffee table fire pit that serves as a place to rest drinks and appetizers while serving as the focal point of your backyard lounge area. Make memories that last a lifetime with friends and family around the warmth of a glass bead fire pit table.

Keep in mind that a 48” fire pit table is probably about mid range in width. You can find options that start at 32” (round fire pit table) and go as high as 58” (rectangular fire pit table).

Things to consider when you’re buying a patio table with fire pit

Buying a fire table is extremely easy when you know what you want. You have round and rectangular options to choose from as well as coffee tables, dining tables, pillars and columns. Consider the following before before making your purchase:

Choose the right material

In one year, the Canadian climate can sway from one extreme to the other. This exposure to the elements makes rust proof options very attractive. Choose stainless steel or powder-coated options that are specifically designed to resist rust. This will extend the life of your marble fire pit table and preserve the look and feel for a longer period of time.

Use a gas fire pit table cover for increased functionality

A gas fire pit table cover increases the serving area of your coffee table when you’re not burning a fire. The option to have a larger surface area when hosting large social functions will come in extremely handy if you’re hosting an event or just a large gathering.  Boost the functionality of your investment for convenience and peace of mind knowing that your outdoor entertainment area is equipped for all occasions.

Consider the available serving area when the fire is burning

Many customers who are buying a propane fire table for the second time usually look for the options that have a bigger sized serving area when the fire is on. You want to be able to rest drinks, plates, ashtrays, or whatever you choose comfortably without getting too close to the flames. You also want to avoid keeping your items too close to the edge of the table to avoid accidents.

When you can use a glass bead fire pit table in the same capacity as you would a regular table, it affords a greater level of functionality and comfort. While commercial fire pit tables afford this luxury, a small fire pit table can be more restrictive in terms of what can be comfortably placed on it while sitting by the fire.