Wicker Patio Furniture


Wicker Patio Furniture

Why choose wicker outdoor furniture?

Wicker outdoor furniture is a popular choice that stands out with style and lasts a long time. Most people buy wicker patio sets for the distinctive look that sets them apart from any other material.

Wicker patio furniture is often used interchangeably with rattan patio furniture, however, it’s important to note that they are not the same thing. Wicker refers to the style of furniture, which is woven. Traditionally wicker furniture was made with rattan, which is a vine-like material from a rattan tree.

All of our wicker patio furniture consists of tightly woven resin wicker for a beautiful, natural and sturdy option for your outdoor living space.

Benefits of choosing wicker outdoor furniture

  • Made to last: Most outdoor wicker furniture is made from resin wicker, which is a durable synthetic material that can endure the outdoor elements.
  • Value: Wicker is considered to provide a natural and exotic look. Combine its attractive style with its proven durability and you’re guaranteed to get the most value from your investment through many years of use.
  • Low-maintenance: Whether you’re buying an outdoor wicker table or an outdoor couch, you’re getting a material that doesn’t rot or rust.

At Canadian Home Leisure we only offer the best brands in the business. Ratana and Cabana Coast are among our top choices for outdoor wicker furniture. Both brands offer a wide selection of:

  • Wicker patio sets
  • Outdoor wicker couches
  • Outdoor wicker loveseats
  • Wicker patio dining sets
  • Outdoor wicker chairs

Outdoor wicker patio sets

If you have the space for an outdoor wicker patio set you can create the ideal environment to entertain guests with wicker couches and wicker loveseats. Choose a custom array of outdoor rattan furniture pieces to suit your theme and area.

The collections we display can be ordered as a set or sold as individual pieces according to your own personal preference. You can choose your style of wicker patio chairs as well as which outdoor wicker table fits best into your backyard.

Outdoor wicker chairs and couches

Find the best colours and blends to suit your themed collection. Customize the look of your resin wicker chairs, outdoor wicker loveseats and couches by choosing cushions to accent specific colours. Most outdoor rattan patio furniture comes in neutral tones, but you can choose any styled cushion to highlight the theme of your choice.

Outdoor wicker dining sets

When you want a dining table that looks great and lasts for years, an outdoor wicker dining set is an option to be enjoyed for years. Every dining set includes resin wicker chairs and a wicker patio table built to withstand extreme climate. This provides you with the advantage of blending durability with style.

These pieces don’t get too hot in the sun, so you can enjoy a comfortable dining experience during the hot summer days. Combine this with the fact they are easily moved and stored for the winter months and you have an excellent option that suits all of your wicker outdoor furniture needs.

If you don’t see what you like on our website, contact us for more options and we’ll find you the perfect set of outdoor wicker furniture that satisfies your needs.