Choosing the Right Billiards Table for You

A billiards table is a great source of entertainment to play with friends and family and makes a great addition to a game room. If you’re considering adding a billiards table to your home, you’ll want to answer the following questions prior to purchasing the table.

What is the Right Size for You?

It’s important to consider where your billiards table will go in your house before you pick it up. When picking the right spot, choose a part of your home with even flooring. Depending on its size, your table could potentially weigh a ton. So take your time picking the right spot so you don’t have to move your table any time soon!

The size of your billiards table impacts the difficulty level. Think of an eight-foot table as being of intermediate difficulty. Longer tables can increase the difficulty as they promote longer and more difficult shots, whereas, smaller sizes cause the balls to become more clustered.

Unfortunately, many of us have space restrictions that put limitations on how large the billiards table can be. You will need approximately six feet of space on each side of the table to provide adequate room to make your shots. If your billiards table is located too close to surrounding walls, be prepared for scuff marks on your walls.

Does it Come with a Warranty?

When purchasing a billiards table, it’s important to consider any needs that may arise in the long-run. For instance, what if the surface of your table becomes damaged or over time the table becomes not level? Will the place of purchase provide the services to make it right?

At Canadian Home Leisure, we proudly offer a wide selection of high-quality billiards tables, so you can find the best table for your needs. And we don’t stop there, even after purchase our services don’t stop there. If you need your billiards table serviced, we are at your service!


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