Must Have Accessories for Every Billiards Player

Billard accessories

Apart from balls and cues, you’ll likely want to complement your table with a few accessories. But step into any billiards shop and you’ll feel overwhelmed. There are just too many accessories to collect!

From furniture to chalk squares, myriad products float the market. So here’s a narrowed list to help set your priorities straight.

Breakers, Helpers, and Accommodators

Not every home offers the best angles for shooting pool. Not to mention, at some point, you’ll need to reach across the table for a long shot.

Here’s where different cue varieties come into play.

A bridgehead offers a greater shooting range while half-sized cues navigate tight corners. Since breaking involves significant force, consider a breaking cue to stop your other sticks from blunting, too.

A Cue Rack

If you choose to collect different cue sets and types, you’ll need somewhere to store them. A wall-mounted rack is perfect—plus it’s a nice addition to any wall.

For your favorite cue, purchase a case. Even if you don’t take it anywhere, a professional case can extend the life of your cue greatly.

Diamonds and Triangles

Most billiards games require a rack of some sort. Standard 8-ball and snooker need a triangle; 9-ball needs a diamond. Invest in a durable, study rack—preferably one made from wood.

Brush and Cover

Protect your table from chalk, dust, and debris. Always sweep after playing and cover to prevent sunlight from bleaching or stretching the felt. There are other environmental dangers that warrant a cover, too. Think about pets—especially cats—clawing at the tabletop.

Pocket Markers

If you like to call shots—particularly when aiming at the 8 ball—then you’ll want a pocket marker. Although calling aloud should suffice, you cannot argue with a physical marker. Professional leagues use them for this reason.


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