How To Get The Best Deal When Buying A Hot Tub

What we are about to share with you are some of the industry’s best tips on how to lower the price and get the best deal when buying a hot tub. The knowledge you gain from this article will undoubtedly lead you to gain the most value when purchasing a spa.

When is the best time to buy a hot tub?

Timing is everything. Most deals on hot tubs are to be had in the fall and winter months. Dealers are typically trying to sell their remaining inventory in anticipation of new models arriving in the spring months. The time is ticking for store owners making it more likely they’ll drop the price to clear out their floor models.

Take advantage of clearance sales

Wherever there’s a clearance sale there are sure to be steep discounts. The same principle applies to seasonal buying; Owners want to clear out their entire inventory. At the end of a clearance sale owners may go extra low on the purchase price just to get finish off any products in stock.

Watch for special events

A special event in many cases means a store will buy a lot of inventory at a discount. These discounts are then forwarded to the customers. You’ll get a better-than-average price at a special event than you would during any normal negotiation.

best deal on hot tubs

Where should you buy your hot tub for the best deal?

Shop at your local retailers to get the best deal on your hot tub. You’re more likely to come face-to-face with the owner who is capable of giving you the biggest discounted price.

Unlike the bigger chains, like Costco, a local store is willing to go the extra mile to get your business. When you purchase a hot tub, you’re more than likely to develop a long-term relationship with your local shop.

To an owner, your continual patronage means more than your initial purchase price. The local store will make more in the long run by supplying you with the chemicals to balance the water and equipment necessary to maintain your hot tub. Therefore, they will work harder to get your business.

Avoid Costco and other large national retailers

The problem with buying your hot tub from big stores like Costco is that there is much more that goes into owning a hot tub than your initial purchase. Costco will sell whatever brand happens to be in their inventory making it very difficult to get service.

If anything goes wrong with your hot tub, you might be waiting a long time to get someone to service your hot tub. The whole process is much slower and if Costco changes the brand it’s selling, you’ll be dealing with the manufacturer exclusively.

Local stores can get people out to your house much quicker when there’s a problem. The whole process is much more convenient, personal and easy to deal with.

Avoid pop-up stores

Avoid buying from pop-up stores or travelling sales companies. These types of sales are usually set up by manufacturing chains that aren’t in your city. These salespeople selling spas work on commission, which means they won’t always be straightforward and may promise more than they can live up to just to get the sale.

Find a reputable dealer who’s able to provide fast and reliable service and cares more about the long-term relationship than the quick upfront sale.

Ask your retailer to help you find the best deal on a spa

If you’ve found the best local retailer for hot tubs then you’re ready to look for all the possible ways to get your purchase price down. Here are a few areas to question your dealer on when finalizing the best deal on a hot tub.


Most retailers will offer good finance plans to make purchasing a hot tub more affordable. It’s common to find 0% interest rates for the first six months which can mean a lot when you’re making a considerable investment.

Arranging a finance plan may allow you a nice upgrade for a more energy-efficient tub. This leads to the next major consideration.

Choose energy-efficient models

Remember that the purchase price of your hot tub is not the most expensive part of owning a spa. The monthly expense of maintaining your spa and balancing the water is ongoing, which makes an energy-efficient model the biggest discount you can find.

how to get the best deal on beachcomber hot tubs

Look for models that boast low energy consumption in order to save you the most money. Hot tubs that are well insulated will hold more heat and therefore require less strain on the heater to maintain water temperature.

Look for models that have the lowest pump and heater run times since the less they’re running, the less you’re going to pay in energy bills.

Ask about the floor models

If you’re not particular about the colour or aesthetic features you should ask about purchasing one of the floor models. There may be some wiggle room for store owners to get rid of an older model that’s been sitting on their floor and may have sustained light cosmetic damage.

Consider a pre-owned hot tub

You can get a reduced price on hot tubs that were previously owned and have been returned to the retailer. If you’re buying a hot tub that has sustained any damage or was initially defective, buying a refurbished spa will most certainly come at a discounted price. At Canadian Home Leisure we happen to come by a few opportunities to refresh a tub so feel free on asking us. You might get lucky with the timing!

Upgrades, features and accessories

One of the perks of buying a spa from a local retailer is the power of negotiation. If you can’t get the price as low as you’d like it to be, ask for an upgrade, features or accessories.

Ask for eligible upgrades such as a stereo, LED lights or Bluetooth capabilities. Dealers will most likely consider throwing in some of your water-balancing kits as a bonus to purchasing a new hot tub. The chemicals you need to run your tub are always a welcome bonus when you first make your investment. Keep these options in mind when the purchase price isn’t an option.

Negotiate with the owner

They may be harder to get to but if you’re speaking with the owner you’re guaranteed to get the best price available. Salespeople and managers only have so much wiggle room that they’re allowed to forgo before they hit their rock bottom price.

A store owner has the power to give you a hot tub at cost if he feels that it’s worth taking a cut on the purchase price in order to get your long-term business. Cut the middleman out and go straight to the source to see the biggest price cut.

Ask about any ongoing sales programs

It isn’t uncommon for a retailer to have an ongoing discount program. You may be eligible for more savings as a senior or veteran. Ask for any referral programs that may be in place and you may be able to put a few hundred bucks in a friend or family member’s pocket.

When you need to know how to get the best deal on a hot tub, sometimes the best way to do it is to simply ask. Owning a hot tub involves more consideration than just the purchase price.

You can find answers to many more questions in our hot tub buyers guide, or give us a call or even better-visit us in our showroom for hot tubs in Whitby.


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