The 4 Person Hot Tub Experience

The 4 Person Hot Tub Experience

Enjoy a romantic evening for two or make it a social event with your favourite couple of friends in a spacious 4 person hot tub. Get features such as a lounger, Ecstaseat and the unique Pyramid Reflex foot massage. With more space than your typical two seater and greater efficiency than the larger tubs, a 4 seater hot tub strikes the ultimate sweet spot as an incredible addition your quality of life! 

Relax your body and mind with a 4 seater hot tub

A medium sized hot tub is a great way to relax and melt away the pressures of life without being cramped in any way. You have the option of soaking alone for some “me” time, with a friend yet you can still invite a couple of friends to partake in the hot tub experience. 

Beachcomber offers two different models for the four person hot tub experience. The Model 710 boasts a greater capacity with up to 143 customizable Flexjets. You also get the luxurious lounger seat to target the lower back and your feet for an unparralled hydrotherapy session.  

The Model 530 provides a premium experience with ergonomic deep seating. These fully upright seats allow up to 84 customizable Flexjets with a cooling bench. This four seater hot tub provides spacious and comfortable connections with the people you enjoy spending time with. 

Choose the package that’s right for you

All of our Beachcomber hot tubs come with the Leep package. This includes all of the following: 

  • UL Certified heatshield cover
  • Beachcomber’s free 100-day in-home trial
  • Beachcomber Guarantee
  • Britewerx Trim
  • FlexJet customization
  • All-motion hydrotherapy
  • Body contoured ergonomic design
  • All-active seating
  • Everlite LED Mood Lighting
  • Internal Eco-Pak
  • Eco3wall 100% cavity-sealed insulation upgrade
  • Perma-seal foundation

You also have the option to upgrade to Hybrid 4 package. These features include all of the following: 

Cab forward engineered Pak System

This design and technology is patented for the exterior of the hot tub in its cab forward construction. Maintenance is easy with this accessible unit and provides maximum energy savings. The hydrodynamic in design allows the reduction of horsepower while maintaining performance, therefore, maximizing the energy efficiency of the units insulation. 

Eco4wall 100% cavity filled insulation upgrade

The foam insulation system fills the cavity of the unit 100% to maximize energy efficiency.  

All-weather Safeaxiss steps

Beachcomber’s safeaxiss steps are made with a non-slip surface for easy access from any angle-coming in or going out! The steps are multi-tiered, insnualted and cover the Energy Saver Management System.  

Hush pump system

This patented pump system works quietly witht the Energy Save Management System and Microfilter to heat and clean your hot tub water. This ensures your water stays fresh and clear on a regular basis. 

 At Canadian Home Leisure, we provide all of our patrons the best quality of service in guiding you to make the best decision for your home. Feel free to speak to any of our reps with any questions you have on our wide selection of Beachcomber hot tubs.